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What is AT&T Intelligent Virtual Agent (IVA)?

A flexible digital agent to carry out tasks at a fraction of the cost of human agents

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AT&T Intelligent Virtual Agent is a cloud-based solution using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide personalized interactions to guide, assist, and sell to customers at scale.

For businesses, it extends customer service operations, automates manual tasks, and reduces costs.

For customers, it allows them to communicate with an organization without being restricted by opening times, live agent availability, or limited channels.  

Enjoy these business benefits

Enable a new generation of intelligent communications that’s smart enough to act collaboratively alongside human agents or as a frontline responder to routine queries with hand off to a human agent if needed.

  • Always-on reliable digital workforce

    Extend customer service operations to 24x7x365 without the need for live agents. 

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  • Reduce labor costs

    Deploy digital labor at speed at a fraction of the cost of live agents.

  • Improve customer satisfaction

    Reduce customer effort and first-time resolution through intelligent self-service functionality. 

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  • Future proof innovation

    No AI engine lock-in enables you to evolve your IVA to meet your future requirements.

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  • Deal with spikes in call capacity

    Handle high call volumes with virtual agents. Customers won’t have to wait to speak with a live agent.

  • Deliver omnichannel capabilities 

    Apply to mobile, web, voice and messages channels

Make self-service easier

Explore the advanced features for AT&T Intelligent Virtual Agent

Features Details
Intuitive development environment Easy to use, codeless development environment requires minimal training. Enables rapid set-up and modification to take advantage of new opportunities and situations.
TDM & IP PBX compatible Integrates with existing infrastructure with no need to ‘rip and replace’. Extends the life span of existing investments while enabling omnichannel capabilities. 
AI engine agnostic Fully customizable with access to industry-leading AI engines. Your IVA can be designed around your requirements today with the flexibility to evolve to meet tomorrows demands. 
Rapid scalability Rapidly design, build, and deploy virtual agents in-line with seasonal peaks. 
Flexible deployments Create new workflows or integrate with existing ones to create autonomous or blended experiences.


AT&T Intelligent Virtual Agent provides personalized interactions to guide, assist, and sell to customers at scale. This may be as simple as providing opening time through to collecting payments or assisting your live agents. Each IVA can be tailored around your business, your customers, and your requirements.

An IVA can remove time consuming,  labor intensive, and often low value tasks from live agents. This allows them to focus on providing a better customer experience to your customers.

An AI engine is a tool that helps you build an IVA. Each AI engine has its specific strengths, for example one may have superior capabilities in delivering voice biometrics where another engine may be more suitable for providing high-quality speech recognition.   

An AT&T Business dedicated consulting team can help scope, plan and implement your IVA strategy and deployment.  

Yes. AT&T Intelligent Virtual Agent supports more than 120 languages, which means you can deploy as part of a multi-region or global strategy.


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