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Don’t wait until you’re home—share your travels right away with a cruise talk, text, and data package! Limitations apply.

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We have packages on over 170 cruise ships with no extra charge on land in Mexico, Canada, and select Caribbean islands. This gives you plenty of places to post photos, text, and stay connected while cruising.

Two great ways to stay connected

AT&T cruise talk, text, and data


One-time charge for 30 days. Talk: unlimited. Text: unlimited*. Data: 200MB overage $2.00/MB.

AT&T cruise talk and text


One-time charge for 30 days. Talk: 50 minutes, overage $2.00/min. Text: unlimited*

*Standard domestic messaging rates apply to text, picture, and video messages received.

Pay-per-use rates

These rates apply on non-participating cruise ships, when you don’t have a package, or if your plan expires.
Talk: $3.00/min

Talk: $3.00/min

Text: $0.50/message; $1.30/picture or video message

Text: $0.50/message; $1.30/picture or video message

Data: $2.05/MB**

Data: $2.05/MB**

**Usage is calculated in full kilobyte increments ($0.002/KB) and rounded up to the next full-kilobyte increment.

Travel info

Woman working on smartphone connected to laptop.

Travel tips for your AT&T Cruise package

  • Disable any apps running in the background.
  • Disable email auto-check.
  • Turn off cellular data.

Your device will display Cellular at Sea, 901-18, or NOR-18 when roaming on the ship’s network. When roaming on a land-based carrier, it will display the land carrier's network information. Cruise ships are required to turn off their wireless networks when they are 9 - 12 nautical miles from land and while in port.

More AT&T Cruise travel tips


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