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AT&T Phone for Business

VoIP service for up to 6 lines using your existing analog phones.

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AT&T Office@Hand

Hosted voice and collaboration solution that runs over any public Internet connection.

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Webex Calling with AT&T

Global, cloud-based voice solution.

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SIP trunking

Convergence of voice and data on a single circuit supporting existing PBX equipment.

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AT&T IP Toll-Free

Inbound VoIP service that delivers toll-free calls directly to your locations.

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Local and long distance

Traditional local and long-distance service.

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Voice transformation consulting

Guidance on simplifying your move to IP-based voice.

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Mobile rate plans

Wireless voice and data plans.

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Product Purpose Business need
AT&T Phone for Business Hosted voice service that runs over AT&T Internet for Business broadband. A Voice over IP (VoIP) solution with advanced features for up to 6 lines without options for advanced conferencing or collaboration. 
AT&T Office@Hand Cloud voice service that runs over any public Internet connection.  A hosted voice solution with advanced features that integrates toll-free numbers, call recording, and eFax and can be expanded to include conferencing and collaboration features. 
Webex Calling with AT&T Cloud voice service that optionally integrates with legacy phone systems and runs over any public Internet connection or AT&T VPN.  Global, enterprise wide voice solution (250+ seat requirement) for customers wanting to integrate voice with Cisco-based conferencing and collaboration.
SIP trunking SIP trunking service that supports local, long distance, and international calling.  A Voice over IP (VoIP) service with advanced calling features and management for 6+ concurrent calls for businesses utilizing existing premises-based systems.
AT&T IP Toll-Free Inbound voice service that delivers toll-free calls directly to your locations. A Voice over IP (VoIP) voice solution that allows customers to reach a business without incurring usage charges.
Local and long distance Traditional local and long-distance service. A basic analog phone service with unlimited calling and a large selection of conventional calling features.
Voice transformation consulting Services focused on TDM to IP-based voice migrations including planning, design, integration, deployment and optimization.

A programmatic approach to SIP readiness including migration strategy, technology impact, financial justification, load testing, and service management, all designed to help reduce risk and accelerate financial ROI.

Mobile rate plans Choice of wireless voice and data plans including pooled and unlimited options. Voice and data rate plans for corporate owned mobile devices.



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