AT&T MegaRange™

The highest-powered mobile routers available for critical communications.

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AT&T MegaRange™ uses specialty devices to improve connectivity and data throughput to our cellular towers. It can boost cellular transmission strength by up to 6x, so AT&T Business subscribers can maintain critical connectivity throughout more of their areas of operation than ever before. AT&T is the only network that lets businesses take advantage of the highest power available with Power Class 1 High Power User Equipment (HPUE).


  • Improve uplink throughput by up to 100%
  • Transmit at 1.25W - the strongest signal available in the US (Other networks max out at 0.2W)
  • Significantly increase coverage in rural and dense urban areas
  • Enhance building penetration – Communicate deep inside concrete buildings, elevators, basements, and parking garages
  • Connect devices such as laptops and phones to the AT&T network using Ethernet or Wi-Fi
  • Available only on the AT&T network


These devices are built for AT&T MegaRange™

Nextivity® SHIELD MegaFi (mobile kit)

Use in vehicles on land, over water, or wherever your business takes you.

  • Band 14: 1.25W / All other bands: 0.2W
  • 1 x gigabit Ethernet
  • Includes Wi-Fi 5 router & 5-port Ethernet
  • Remote cloud management – No monthly fee
  • Includes vehicle battery power cable and vehicular antenna

MSRP: $1399

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Megafi Fixed, an AT&T Network Optimized device built for AT&T MegaRange, comes with antennas, power supply and network cables.

Nextivity® SHIELD MegaFi (fixed kit)

Use in fixed locations such as command centers, offices, remote sites, public safety answering points (PSAPs), and with Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

  • Band 14: 1.25W / All other bands: 0.2W
  • 1 x gigabit Ethernet
  • Includes Wi-Fi 5 router & 5-port Ethernet
  • Remote cloud management – with no monthly fee
  • Includes AC power cable, paddle antennas, and GPS puck

MSRP: $1399

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An all black, purpose-built portable case solution for storing the AT&T MegaRange, powered by the MegaFi.

Nextivity® SHIELD MegaGo

This purpose-built portable case solution for AT&T MegaRange™ is powered by MegaFi.

  • Supports HPUE Power Class 1
  • Band 14: 1.25W / All other bands: 0.2W
  • 1 x gigabit Ethernet
  • Remote cloud management with no monthly fee
  • 12-hour rechargeable battery
  • Integrated Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Integrated Parsec antennas

MSRP: $4999

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Use cases

AT&T MegaRange™ can improve coverage in a wide range of situations

  • Downtown district (densely urban)

    A metro business has stronger and more reliable connections in buildings, building shadows, and underground locations.

  • Regional campus

    Remote business locations can get better coverage and upload speeds from the increased power.

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  • Rural area

    Transit vehicles will maintain connection more of the time when there's more power in the vehicle.

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No, other carriers can only broadcast at a maximum of 0.2W. AT&T MegaRange™ (1.25W) is an exclusive offering for FirstNet and AT&T Business subscribers.

Yes, HPUE is available only on the Nextivity MegaMobile, MegaFixed, and MegaGo.

HPUE works only on Band 14. Nextivity MegaMobile, MegaFixed, and MegaGo also work on other bands. However, on other bands they broadcast only in Power Class 3 (0.2W), not HPUE Power Class 1.

Yes, including all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands and its territories.

Nextivity SHIELD MegaFi (mobile and fixed kits) include a wireless router and external antennas.

Phones connected to these Wi-Fi routers can use Wi-Fi calling to take advantage of the extended range.

Some external antennas are compatible with MegaRange™, but not all. Nextivity SHIELD MegaFi (mobile and fixed kit), and Nextivity SHIELD MegaGo are bundled with their own antennas.

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