AT&T Managed Wireless WAN

Untether locations, assets, and people with a plug-and-play device that’s fully managed


What is AT&T Managed Wireless WAN?

AT&T Managed Wireless WAN provides fast, reliable, and flexible wireless cellular connectivity to any number of endpoints that can be located virtually anywhere supporting a wide variety of use cases.


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  • Flexibility

    Provides a fast, reliable, and cost-effective networking solution for fixed and temporary connectivity requirements such as construction trailers or pop-up stores

  • Fully Managed

    Fully managed solution by AT&T that supports install, turn-up, and on-going support. Equipment and licensing owned by AT&T so customers do not have to manage license renewals or replacement of obsolete/outdated equipment

  • Visibility

    Access to a cloud-based portal providing customers read-only access to their entire network with reports that provide analytical information such as signal strength, data usage, etc.

  • Reliability

    Wireless failover provides connectivity when the primary connection is lost keeping you up and running without any interruptions


AT&T Managed Wireless WAN is a fully-managed wireless networking solution that can provide fast, reliable, and flexible wireless cellular connectivity to any number of endpoints that can be located virtually anywhere supporting a wide variety of use cases.

Yes, wireless data plans are required to take advantage of AT&T Managed Wireless WAN. However, this transport is not part of the offer and requires a separate contract with AT&T or a 3rd party wireless provider. Outside of the United States, wireless connectivity must be purchased from a third-party provider.

Yes! An AT&T Wireless Broadband SIM card is included with all devices at no additional charge; however, please remember that it’s the responsibility of the customer to activate the SIM card.

Only the AT&T Wireless Broadband SIM card or an equivalent 3rd party SIM card are supported at this time. FirstNet and IoT SIM cards will be available in subsequent phases.

You sure can. Customers can provide their own SIM card. Activation of the SIM card is the responsibility of the customer. Just give us a call and we’re happy to help.

Definitely. Self-installation is available with this offer or if you need further assistance, professional installation options are available as well.

Yes. All three available adapters are 5G capable.

Yes, it does. Customers are provided with view-only access to the NetCloud Manager portal that provides visibility to their devices to identify various device information such as device health, signal strength, and connection status. Customers are also able to create various reports as needed.


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