Enhanced Push-to-Talk

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Enhanced Push-to-Talk: Quickly connect employees, applications and business practices.

AT&T EPTT is at the leading edge of simple, one-touch communication.1 By combining user-friendly, walkie-talkie-like functionality with new features and the nation’s largest network,2 AT&T EPTT allows you to:

  • Interoperate with land mobile radio (LMR) networks3
  • Integrate communications with mobile resource applications such as AT&T Fleet Complete
  • View GPS-enabled users, and conduct group (or individual) calls through PC desktop, using Integrated Dispatch
  • Combine productivity apps and PTT functionality on one device
  • Improve operational efficiency—saving time and money

Deploy Enhanced Push-to-Talk across multiple devices and platforms.

AT&T EPTT makes it easy to keep employees responsive and informed. It supports:

Take advantage of broad, dependable coverage.

Keep employees within reach, almost anywhere your job takes you. AT&T EPTT provides the reliable coverage of AT&T’s nationwide 3G, 4G and 4G LTE networks.4 It also works over compatible Wi-Fi networks, so workers can communicate with EPTT in buildings where cellular data network signals may not reach.

Improve productivity on the fly.

Use AT&T EPTT to quickly adapt to the demands of a dynamic work environment:

  • Remotely manage employee contact lists
  • Monitor contact availability in real time
  • Initiate group PTT calls with up to 250 people
  • Talk and use productivity applications simultaneously
  • Override PTT calls to deliver urgent messages (supervisors only)5

1 AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk is available only to enterprise and government customers with a qualified AT&T agreement (“Qualified Agreement”). AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk is subject to the Qualified Agreement, applicable Sales Information, and terms and conditions found at https://wireless.att.com/businesscenter/plans/plan-features/enhanced-push-to-talk/index.jsp. (“Additional Product Terms”). For AT&T ‘s government customers on a Qualified Agreement: Any Additional Product Terms not allowable under applicable law will not apply, and the Qualified Agreement will control in the event of any conflict between the Qualified Agreement and the Additional Product Terms. May not be available for purchase in all sales channels or in all areas. Qualified data plan and compatible device required. Additional hardware, software, services and/or network connection may also be required. Availability, accessibility, security, delivery, speed, timeliness, accuracy, and reliability are not guaranteed by AT&T. Additional fees, charges, taxes, and other restrictions may apply. You may cancel AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk at any time. Offer subject to change.

2 Based on overall coverage in U.S. licensed/roaming areas. Coverage not available everywhere.

3 Interoperability with two-way radio service may require additional equipment, software or service not available from AT&T.

4 Enhanced PTT is designed to work over AT&T’s domestic wireless data network footprint and for AT&T subscribers on select domestic and international roaming partner networks as well as over compatible Wi-Fi networks. Wireless data coverage is not available in some areas. Wireless data coverage is subject to transmission limitations and terrain, system, capacity and other limitations. Usage of Enhanced PTT on networks other than the AT&T wireless data network is dependent on proper configuration and quality of the network connection. For Mobile Share Advantage rate plan users: If your data speeds are reduced to 128kbps, it may have an adverse effect on EPTT service including connectivity, voice quality and packet loss.

5 Enhanced PTT is not intended for use in emergency or critical communications settings.

AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk: universal technology, specialized solutions.

AT&T EPTT quickly connects people and the technology they need to work more efficiently. EPTT solutions have distinct advantages in the following industries:


Managing tasks can involve a lot of back-and-forth between one-to-one phone calls and two-way radios—and even losing signal in locations where a cellular data connection is unavailable. Mobilize hospitality for improved guest experience and increased revenue growth.


For workers who use mobile devices in the field, taking advantage of PTT functionality often means carrying two devices. Transform your construction business.


Time is money, and using multiple devices to connect people and manage orders can create big gaps in efficiency. Transform your transportation business – wirelessly.


Move beyond a fragmented communication infrastructure. AT&T EPTT can help you integrate instant voice, broadband data, productivity applications and business processes into a single platform—so everything works together seamlessly. Transform your manufacturing business – wirelessly.


Operating efficiently can be a challenge, especially when workers are highly dispersed and use different types of devices to communicate. Transform your utility and take it mobile.1

EPTT and Workforce Management apps

Use workforce management apps on your smartphone to manage jobs, monitor internal tasks and even keep in touch with customers. Simplify dispatch with a single console that locates all your EPTT/GPS devices. AT&T can work with your organization to provide the solution that best fits your needs.

AT&T offers complementary workforce management solutions including:

  • AT&T Workforce Manager
  • AT&T Fleet Complete
  • Telenav Track from AT&T
  • Xora Streetsmart Workforce

AT&T Enhanced PTT and real-time messages using pdvConnect.

Missing real-time messages can lead to major miscommunication in the field. pdvConnect is an application that functions like a virtual mailbox, allowing workers who are busy to receive AT&T EPTT communications or data messages when they become available again.

1 Interoperability with two-way radio service may require additional equipment, software or service not available from AT&T.

AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk with Integrated Dispatch

Managing your mobile users is easier than ever with the capability to see the location and PTT availability status of your group in near real-time. Using AT&T EPTT Integrated Dispatch, administrators can view their EPTT users on a map, send and receive individual or group calls, and more – all from the convenience of a PC desktop or laptop with a supported OS environment.

Use Enhanced Push-to-Talk with additional applications.

Deploying AT&T EPTT in conjunction with third-party applications allows for greater control over productivity. AT&T can recommend a variety of companion solutions in a variety of areas.

Combine AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk with two-way radios.

AT&T EPTT isn’t limited to communicating with other push-to-talk phones. It also provides interoperability with two-way radios, allowing you to combine the technology and applications of AT&T EPTT devices with the simplicity of existing infrastructure.1

Remotely manage Enhanced PTT devices.

The Corporate Administrative Tool (CAT tool) is a centralized way to manage employees' PTT phones. It enables administrators to remotely populate contact lists and manage data on one PTT phone—or across an entire department’s devices.

1 Interoperability with two-way radio service may require additional equipment, software or service not available from AT&T.

Pricing Options for AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk (EPTT)

AT&T EPTT offers the following price plans:

  • A $5.00-per-month feature when added to existing voice and data plans.
  • A $30.00-per-month push-to-talk-only rate plan (no voice or non-EPTT data included).

Both options include unlimited push-to-talk; this means that with either option, any data used for the AT&T EPTT application doesn't count against your monthly data plan allowance or incur pay-per-use charges. Note that AT&T EPTT requires a data plan to function properly, so if you use a smartphone you must have a data plan provisioned in addition to your EPTT service.

*Device pricing subject to change. Activate new eligible postpaid wireless line with a two-year commitment and eligible AT&T EPTT rate plan or eligible voice rate plan plus AT&T EPTT feature. Standard contract terms and conditions apply. For full details on AT&T EPTT terms and conditions, visit www.att.com/eptt. Additional restrictions apply. Enhanced Push-to-Talk performance may be limited in 2G coverage.

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  • AT&T Enhanced PTT Integrated Dispatch

    Using AT&T Enhanced PTT Integrated Dispatch, administrators can view their EPTT users on a map, send and receive push-to-talk calls, and more – all from the convenience of a PC desktop or laptop.

    Video | [1:49]
  • Introducing AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk

    Combine the power of push-to-talk technology with a smart phone and get instant voice communications and business apps on a single device. View the AT&T Enhanced-Push-to-Talk video.

    Video | [2:18]


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