AT&T Private Mobile Connection

Private wireless network solution that extends your WAN infrastructure to mobile end points. Designed specifically for enterprise and FirstNet customers. 


Maximize your WAN

Extend your WAN infrastructure to mobile end points

  • Mobile WAN

    Customer private network extension into the cellular network.

  • Network extension

    Enables the extension of existing private network into the cellular network. Flexible IP addressing options (public, private, dynamic, static, customer or AT&T provided).

  • Flexibility in connectivity options

    Variety of network connectivity options with AT&T VPN services – MPLS or IPSec.

    VPN pictogram
  • Security features

    Customizable standards-based security enhancement (private IP, firewall options, access control, traffic isolation).

  • Connectivity in hard to reach locations

    Enablement and connectivity of mobile workers and locations that are hard to reach.

  • True redundancy

    Diversity options for enterprise connections and redundancy in AT&T radio and core network elements. True redundancy in back-up deployments.

Customer deployments

Effortless, clientless solutions for mobile devices

Mobile access to Enterprise

"The Human Interface"

Extend the enterprise network to the mobile worker and provide access to Internet based applications. Custom access point names (APNs) allow mobile users to access Enterprise LAN on any mobile network.


"The Machine Interface"

Connect tracking equipment, point of sales devices, vending machines, alarm or telemetry devices that “push or pull” data to the enterprise LAN.

Wireless backup to wireline connections

Business continuity

AT&T provides mobile connections as a fully redundant failover for wireline connections (AVPNs, MIS) allowing enterprises to maintain business continuity.

Security features

A layered approach to security

Features Details
Device segmentation A wide variety of vendors off device security solutions, AT&T partners with those vendors to provide the device security solution that works best with the enterprise’s application and network deployment.
Radio access network Provides encryption of the enterprise's data traffic that's exchanged between a device and our mobility network (128-bit encryption on the 3G and 4G LTE network).
Core Network segmentation Segments the enterprise’s mobile data traffic in the core network by using individual Layer 2 tunnels to route the traffic to AT&T National Data Centers. The traffic is aggregated and further isolated per enterprise at these data centers via the use of individual Layer 2 virtual LANs and virtual routing and forwarding instances.
Network Data Center segment Employs fully geo-redundant data centers that will divert wireless traffic to other data centers in the case of a link or data center outage.

Connection capabilities

Speed High-speed support HSPA+ (14.4Mb and 21.1Mb) and LTE support.
Data centers Implementation in 4 geo redundant AT&T Mobility Data Centers (Concord, CA, Alpharetta, GA (VTC-11), Houston, TX; Arlington, VA).
Internet access Port Address Translation (PAT) support for internet access.
VPN transport New AT&T VPN transport (>10GigE) in all AT&T Private Mobile Connections – LTE service zones. Higher speed interconnects from mobility to customer’s enterprise network. Support for larger static-IP APN deployments.
Flexibility Evolution of the existing self service systems (Premier) for LTE, giving customers greater control and flexibility over IP assignments and EOD provisioning/billing systems.


If you rely on wireline connection, AT&T Private Mobile Connection is great as it has automatic failover for mission critical applications when a cable cut or outage is detected. It enables business to continue while the wireline solution is being restored.

Yes, it offer cost-effective connectivity for low-bandwidth transactional applications from virtually any location via the AT&T network. It’s an excellent solution for temporary deployments. 

It supports wireless ATM machines, providing backup of applications with wireline connectivity.


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