Make your people more productive while on the go, protecting your organization’s data. You’ve invested in smartphones, tablets, and laptops, but unless you give your employees remote access to office systems you are missing out on the business benefits of being mobile. 


Mobilize and protect your workforce

  • Employee Productivity

    By managing your mobile data and controlling who has access to what websites and which applications, you improve employee productivity with data policies that block distractions.

  • Protect company data

    Protect your device portfolio with AccessMyLAN™ blocking access to the 3.4 billion malicious requests that happen monthly. 

  • Business connected

    Provide remote access for each user, enabling them to securely connect to company documents, the intranet, or business applications behind your firewall, from any AT&T device.

  • Detect malicious behavior

    Identify suspicious malicious behavior on the device, application, and network–and take action.

  • Mobility management

    Better control the costs of mobile data usage, avoiding “bill shock” when someone exceeds their data plan, and drive productivity by applying policies on what each employee can and can’t do online.

  • Respond to threats

    This solution helps ensure the business has the means to respond to malicious attacks, and stolen devices in near real-time.


A cost efficient way to monitor your business

AccessMyLAN from AT&T

Starting at


This cloud-based solution has no setup costs, no hardware investment required, no contracts, and includes free service support. It enables mobile workers to access company documents, business critical applications, intranet services–providing a fully connected office experience from anywhere.

Protect your mobile data and improve productivity

Gain productivity, visibility and control, and mobile security

Productivity Give access to business-critical applications from any mobile device. Control who has access to what websites and applications while enforcing your data policies.
Visibility and control Transform data into actionable insight with analysis of mobile endpoint usage. Enable business to comply with company policy and regulations by controlling what data can and cannot be accessed. 
Mobile security Employees can work securely on any device from anywhere with AccessMyLAN blocking malicious content and malware on the network, device and applications.
Mobilize your workers Enable your mobile worker who has many devices, working from anywhere, to access lots of data and business critical applications while away from the office. 
Improve your business Boost employee productivity and efficiency by using the right applications and visiting authorized websites during work hours. Control access to work-related content and block access to non-work-related content.
Support employee productivity Control who has access to what websites and which applications and enforce data policies.
M2M Help you to prototype, build and deploy M2M devices quickly and cost efficiently. Wireless connection to remote devices extend your company’s ability to track processes and/or monitor assets.


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