AT&T Business Trade-in

Offset the costs of new devices and services when you trade-in your old wireless phones and other devices that are no longer needed, and receive credit for the value of the device—regardless of the branded wireless carrier.



  • Data security 

    We follow a rigorous, multi-step data sanitization process to remove and destroy all customer data on devices. 

  • Environmentally responsible

    Devices that cannot be properly sanitized are destroyed via environmentally responsible methods.

  • Bill credit 

    After we’ve processed your devices you’ll receive the value of your devices credited to your AT&T account, usually within 1-2 bill cycles. 

  • Non-AT&T devices 

    You don’t have to have an AT&T device to unlock its potential value. We’ll accept device trade-ins regardless of the branded wireless carrier. 

How It Works

Step Details
Receiving  SIM and memory cards are removed and shredded onsite. Devices are checked against lost/stolen database. 
Data sanitization Leading-edge software is used to clear data from devices. 
Inspection All devices go through quality control and a sample are audited to make sure all steps have been properly executed. 
Warehousing Devices are sorted and stored in a dedicated and secured area where cameras and security staff safeguard the area.
Recycling Devices that cannot be processed are responsibly recycled. 



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