Rental tools and equipment

Know where your rental tools and equipment are in near real-time. Discover how the IoT Marketplace can help make it easy to build and deploy Asset Management use case solutions.

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AT&T IoT asset management solutions for rental tools and equipment

Gain visibility into the blind spots in your tool and equipment rental operations


AT&T Asset Management – Operations Center (AMOC)

Providing the ability to track the location and movement of your rental assets. AMOC allows you to set thresholds for humidity, temperature, impact, and ambient light intensity.  You can also monitor and track where your rentals are and better satisfy your clients with available inventory.  Simply attach an asset tracker to your tools and equipment to manage and track your connected assets via AMOC.

Rental tools and equipment scenarios

  • Earth moving, landscaping, hauling

    Set up alerts to quickly identify and resolve issues, helping to improve efficiency and peak performance of machinery and equipment, to help keep your rental business operational.

  • Heating/cooling, lighting

    Help keep your rentals operational with devices that monitor location, temperature, humidity, and ambient light intensity.

  • Aerial, backup power, (UPS) emergency lighting UPS


    See where your rentals are located and use geofencing to quickly determine if assets are where they should be.


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