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GCP Applied Technologies helps solve some of the most complex construction challenges in residential and commercial building. They were developing a way to track the quality and consistency of concrete after it’s batched.


Concrete goes high tech with IoT, turning mixers into smart trucks

  • Challenges

    GCP needed reliable, consistent IoT connectivity to take readings and send them to onboard truck computers, which automatically make adjustments to the blending concrete as needed.

  • Results

    The GCP system can automatically add water or chemical admixture to adjust the batch of concrete and create the correct consistency. They can share this data with the customer, quality control engineers, and others who need it.

  • Solution

    AT&T Global SIM cards deliver worldwide network connectivity, supporting multiple types of network technologies. The simple and cost-effective AT&T Control Center makes it easy for GCP to track and manage its trucks.

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GCP Technologies developed a revolutionary system to ensure concrete quality

GCP applied technologies management software interface on desktop

About GCP Applied Technologies

GCP Applied Technologies has over 50 years of industry expertise. Its portfolio of construction products includes concrete and cement additives, building materials, and technologies that ensure specified quality and enhance business productivity. 
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