Smart irrigation

As you look across your landscape of potential IoT projects, consider the benefits of implementing a Smart Irrigation solution. With the most connected devices worldwide, AT&T has the unmatched ecosystem of tools and vendors you need, so you can work with a single company.

Watch how Lowe’s saved water and money.

Potential benefits

Save both water and money

  • Reduce water consumption

    Save water to reduce costs and help meet sustainability goals.

    Better manage drought restrictions.

  • Reduce landscape run-off

    Overwatering leads to erosion and can result in fertilizers polluting watersheds.

  • Reduce costs

    Lower water consumption.

    Reduce the number of site visits.

    Minimize damage to plants.

    Typical payback in 12-36 months.

  • Remotely manage sites

    Remotely detect leaks and shut off valves.

    Minimize site visits to check for leaks.

    Manage and monitor from anywhere AT&T has coverage in the United States.

Water the right amount at the right time

Good for the environment and your bottom line

Smart Irrigation

The solution consists of smart irrigation controllers, flow management products and global positioning technology that leverages analytics from weather data. The data these components gather is then transmitted reliably and cost-effectively to apply the right amount of water based on near real-time weather conditions.

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Features Details
Smart Irrigation Controller AT&T cellular-enabled, commercial grade controllers can be deployed anywhere AT&T has coverage in the United States.
Near real-time leak and flow monitoring Near real-time flow visibility allows for accurate tracking of water usage, identification of leaks and breaks, and even the ability to shutdown water flow before substantial damage and water waste occurs.
AT&T Network The AT&T cellular network makes it easy to manage all your smart controllers on a highly secure network adding to peace of mind.
WeatherTrak Software Control one or thousands of WeatherTRAK controllers from virtually anywhere with cloud-based WeatherTRAK Central  and WeatherTRAK Mobile.



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