Professional services for IoT

Utilize AT&T expertise

  • Streamline operations

    Receive solution aware accelerated technical support via Priority Care.


  • Manage IoT costs

    Help keep expenses down and protect against unnecessary overages.

  • Optimize personnel

    Eliminate the need of staffing to support your IoT solutions allowing you to focus internal resources on managing your business and customers.

  • Increase visibility

    Easily accessible reporting to monitor your IoT solution including monthly, quarterly, and annual trending of costs, usage, and active services.

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  • Save time on invoice management

    Have a connectivity billing specialist help provide accurate invoice expense distribution across your business units. 

Managed services

Solutions designed to fit your needs

Enhanced Support Services

A full suite of services designed to support your day-to-day IoT activities, allowing you to focus on your business. Features dedicated project manager for tracking and deployment of IoT devices.

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Enhanced Support Services Priority Care

Gain direct access to the priority care support team. They can help you resolve technical issues, get maintenance notifications, and receive root cause analysis on IoT issues.

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Professional Billing Services

Save time on invoice management, get accurate invoice expense distribution across your business units, and customized reporting with an AT&T billing specialist.

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Managed services resources

Learn more about other IoT Professional Services that can address your needs


A full suite of services designed to support your IoT day-to-day activities including: enhanced implementation, SIM management, billing, reporting, a bi-annual health check of your IoT solution, as well as console administration training.




Reports can be sent out daily, weekly, and at the close of each billing cycle. A stewardship report is provided at the end of each month. This reporting helps our clients optimize IoT spend and allocate activity and usage across defined categories (like department or business unit).




Yes. This individual will coordinate the enhanced support services for you. They will also be available for questions and stewardship reviews.


Priority care allows you to place your most critical issues in the hands of the priority support team who have been trained on your specific IoT solution architecture. You also realize the benefit of bypassing traditional triage steps in the care process.


Different business circumstances drive different support requirements. In many cases the traditional support model of triage and subsequent management of the ticket on a best effort basis works well for a given solution. However, many customers provide IoT solutions that have a lower tolerance for timeliness of support, for example energy management, gas line monitoring and IoT enabled manufacturing equipment.

AT&T Enhanced Support Service is different than IoT Priority Care. Enhanced Support Services provides an outsourced managed service for the operation of AT&T Control Center, while IoT Priority Care offers a premium level of technical service response.

AT&T professional billing services provides a billing specialist to assist you with connectivity invoice management, customized billing, and reporting services.

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