What is AT&T Extended Reality?

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Tailored approaches to enterprise-grade XR

AT&T Extended Reality Solutions enable enterprise digital transformation with powerful Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality (MR) applications that can help businesses improve employee productivity, training, and customer service. This fully-managed service provides a robust ecosystem of supporting technologies to solve your extended reality (XR) needs while extending the reach of “what’s possible.” 

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Enjoy these business benefits

Mobile-first voice, video, conferencing, messaging, and team collaboration

  • Digital transformation:

    Merge the digital with the physical to accelerate innovation

  • Better equip staff:

    Blending a digital simulation with the real world can help train employees faster

  • Streamline processes:

    Modernize infrastructures and improve efficiency 

  • Better inform customers:

    Provide customers with the ability to preview your products before purchasing

  • Increase productivity:

    Enable collaboration through virtual interactivity and improve utilization and employee engagement 

  • Improve performance:

    Convert information into actionable insights and practical outcomes

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AT&T XR Solutions Ecosystem

AT&T XR Solutions equip businesses with a critical end-to-end ecosystem, including Software as a Service (SaaS) applications, hardware, consulting, professional services, and edge-to-edge solutions that provide highly secure data management, low latency, and flexible connectivity.

5G solutions

Use cases

Blending realities to discover new efficiencies

Use case Description
Learning, training, and remote assist Immersive training enables subject matter experts to easily author digital step-by-step instructions overlaid upon real-world equipment.
3D communication and collaboration Connect across continents, share content, and collaborate real-time in spatial environments.
3D data visualization and digital twin Create digital replicas of physical environments to streamline business processes and reduce costs (factory floors, architecture, and engineering diagrams). 
Virtual promotion and events Create virtual store fronts, host marketing events, and use 5G holograms to conduct live interviews. Transform fans’ experiences at home and offer immersive simulations of entertainment and sports celebrities at stadiums. 
VR distraction and rehabilitation therapy Create new patient and clinician experiences that improve care by decreasing length of inpatient stays and allowing for at-home care therapies. 

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