Smart Cities Operations Center

When smart city technology is incorporated into a city’s infrastructure, it generates a significant amount of valuable data that can be harnessed, analyzed, and acted upon. The AT&T Smart Cities Operations Center aggregates this data into a dashboard, providing leaders with a holistic, centralized view of ongoing activity.

Potential benefits

Improve utilization of limited resources & budget

  • Promote efficient city operations

    Up-to-the minute visibility and insights from your smart technology solutions in a single interface.

  • Better deploy resources

    A near real-time view of critical resources can help you use resources more efficiently.

  • Improve service delivery

    Easy to understand view and analysis of critical city key performance indicators can help you enhance customer service delivery.

Improve insights

Single interface across departments

Smart Cities Operations Center

An easy to read, customized dashboard which aggregates data from across agencies or departments. Stand-alone, high-definition consoles can be incorporated with any suite of smart city technologies. As new smart solutions are added, they can be easily integrated into the system.

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Gain valuable insights into your operations

Features Details
Single view Single tool to view data from multiple systems, technology and departments.
Flexible platform

Vendor agnostic product that allows you to integrate internal and 3rd party data and solutions based on your needs

API integrated and cloud-hosted.

Data aggregation and customization AT&T will design and develop a solution that provides you with a customized view of your data.



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