Asset Tracker 1

Enabling businesses in any industry to track and monitor assets with a regular daily ping rate. The tracker easily attaches to virtually any outdoor asset—such as tools and toolboxes, cargo, and much more. See how a trucking company can utilize the AT1 tracker to help safeguard cargo!


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  • Insight into unauthorized usage – on and off jobsite

    Alerts for any detected movement outside the predefined perimeter around a job or a storage site, signaling potential theft.

  • Reduce the time spent on end-of-day inventory check 

    Reports on daily position and status changes of valuable assets eliminate the need to physically inspect every jobsite and verify that all assets are where they are supposed to be.

  • Extensive battery life 

    The AT1 device runs on the latest low-power LTE-M network, designed to consume a fraction of the power used by other batteries. This allows AT1 devices to provide you with up to 5 years of one battery charge.

  • Cargo integrity status alerts 

    Get alerted to any unwanted container door activity or variations in ambient temperature, humidity or light within the container as soon as it happens and notify the appropriate channels. 

Tracking solution

Cost effective, low power LTE-M

Asset Tracker 1

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The Asset Tracker 1 (AT1) is one of the smallest, most cost-effective trackers on the market and provides unparalleled insight over your high-value assets in the field. Quickly locate and check the status of machinery, equipment, tools and toolboxes, cargo, and more.

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Key features

Simple, single device implementation

Features Details
Future-proof device The device runs on the LTE-M network and receives automatic software updates over the air.
Multiple integrated sensors Built-in humidity, light, temperature, and impact sensors are ready to operate off the shelf.
Complete end-to-end system The solution includes a device, cloud IT, applications, data security, connectivity, and customer support. 
Installs in seconds Using glue, double-sided tape or screws, the device is quick to install on any type of asset.
Small size One of the smallest tracking devices on the market, AT1 can be covertly installed on various assets.


The AT1 has built-in sensors to track location (GPS), motion, shock, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, and light. 

While much of the AT1 functionality is available indoors, the solution is primarily designed for outdoor use which enables the device to get accurate GPS location information.  

The device is installed with 2 AA Lithium batteries that are designed to be able to send in excess of 3,000 total transmissions in environments where average temperatures remain above freezing.  As with any battery, many environmental and usage factors will affect the total battery life. 



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