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IoT solutions begin and end with data. IoT services are at the heart of any successful Internet of Things initiative.


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Professional services for IoT

  • Visibility

    Generate actionable insight with near real-time IoT data. Insights allow you to drive operational agility and measure IoT sensor effectiveness.

  • Conceptual ideas

    Develop use case framing and project design to justify monitoring manufacturing and supply chains.

  • Elevate equipment

    Optimize maintenance schedules through minimized machine down time and extend equipment lifecycles through better predictive maintenance.

AT&T Staff Alert

Receive safety alerts to help protect and secure your employees

Security guard standing in doorway.

Help reduce time to locate and remove staff from threatening situation.

The solution combines IoT devices and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons with cloud hosting and a web-based portal. Enables visibility of employee’s current location.

Near-real-time alerts allow for security and other personnel to locate and secure an employee in danger.

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IoT Solutions

Solutions designed to fit your needs

Micro-location solution

AT&T helps locate critical equipment, tools, and parts. Plan and deploy an indoor/outdoor, near-real-time asset tracking and monitoring solution.

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AT&T IoT – Video Intelligence

Gain real-time situational awareness and reporting from video cameras and get alerts to help you make faster, more informed decisions.

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AT&T Staff Alert is an IoT enabled solution that can be used to meet the growing demand for helping to keep employees in hospitability, healthcare and education safe. It helps to protect employees and individuals from threatening or dangerous situations.

Workers wear an AT&T Staff Alert device and activate it during a potential incident. When the device is activated, beacons pinpoint an employee's location and send continuous, near-real-time location updates via SMS and web portal, allowing security or other personnel to locate and secure the employee.

The solution delivers a scalable and flexible means of tracking goods. It typically extends outdoor tracking coverage to include indoor warehouses and underground facilities. Examples of tracked good can include: raw materials, finished product or goods, high-value tools, and manufacturing work-in-progress.

Micro-location uses a system of Bluetooth tags, fixed Bluetooth anchors, wireless access points, IoT gateways, and a cloud-based management platform. Indoor / outdoor hybrid tags can be connected via cellular and Bluetooth.

Location accuracy is a function of beacon density. Accuracy can range from a cubic foot to several meters depending on your requirements. Typical uses cases can include: tracking items traversing a distribution center or an assembly line, or items that are idle in storage.

IoT – Video Intelligence options include:

  • Professional services from design to post-install support
  • Smart cameras
  • Gateways to connect cameras and other devices
  • Standard and custom rates for connectivity
  • Video servers that provide robust video processing and storage
  • Video Management Software (VMS)
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Robust analytics
  • Support services from hardware to software

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