Solution integration

IoT solutions begin and end with data. Integration services are at the heart of any successful Internet of Things initiative.

Full service support for your IoT solutions

Professional services for IoT

  • Visibility

    Generate actionable insight with near real-time IoT data. Insights allow you to drive operational agility and measure IoT sensor effectiveness.

  • Conceptual ideas

    Develop use case framing and project design to justify monitoring manufacturing and supply chains.

  • Elevate equipment

    Optimize maintenance schedules through minimized machine down time and extend equipment lifecycles through better predictive maintenance.

IoT solution integration

Solutions designed to fit your needs

IoT enabled manufacturing

IoT Professional Services consultants will help plan and enable sensors that capture data on industrial assets throughout the factory floor; allowing clients to collect data to establish better predicative maintenance programs and leaner supply chains.

Supply chain / condition monitoring

Design and implement IoT sensors to modernize supply chains through better tracking of goods and assets. Example: Rugged devices with a 10-year operating lifespan can monitor that goods have cleared customs, moved location, or reached a destination.

IoT solution integration

Key features

Features Details
Investigate Analyze production processes to prioritize viable use cases and outcomes.
Oversight Implement tools and data analytics to capture and analyze IoT sensor data.
Controls Reduce inventory levels through location-awareness tracking and proactive monitoring to boost plant floor efficiencies.


IoT solution integration

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