High-value assets

Know where your valuable shipments are in near real-time.


AT&T IoT Asset Management Solutions for high-value assets

Monitor location and movement of your high-value shipments


AT&T Asset Management - Operations Center (AMOC)

Enabled with IoT tracking allows you to monitor location and movement of your high value shipments. AMOC also allows you to manage data from a variety of other sensors, such as light sensors alerting you when a shipment has been opened and motion sensors indicating if delicate shipments have been disturbed.

You can also establish geofencing to determine if your high-value assets are outside of established boundaries. Simply attach an asset tracker or sensor to your shipment to manage and monitor your connected assets via AT&T Asset Management – Operations Center.

High-value asset tracking scenarios

No matter what type of high-value shipments you're tracking, we can help

  • Compatible with multiple LTE/LTE-M/satellite/Wi-Fi devices

    Various technologies support asset tracking of high-value shipments

  • View historical trends of sensor data

    Use captured data to determine optimal conditions for packing and shipping high value assets

  • Respond in near real-time to critical issues

    React quickly to alerts regarding shipment conditions to help correct problems

  • Available devices monitor many conditions

    Utilize a wide array of available devices to monitor humidity temperature, motion detection, speed, ambient light intensity, and location

  • Help secure assets with geofencing

    Know where valuable shipments are to mitigate theft and loss by establishing pre-determined areas for monitoring



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