Omnichannel for healthcare

Is the contact center at the heart or the head of healthcare?

by AT&T Business Editorial Team

Imagine a healthcare organization as if it were the human body. Where would you locate its contact center? Would it be the brain that senses, communicates, and drives action, or the heart that pumps information around the body?

Today, the contact center is both the brain and the heart. With data integration, artificial intelligence, multiple communication channels, and powerful collaboration solutions, the contact center can connect to everything—supporting the functions and health of the entire body, helping to secure appointments, automate treatment programs, accelerate account payment, and support clinicians.

As a key indicator of health, the patient experience has become the primary focus for healthcare organizations. In other sectors such as retail or manufacturing, we talk about concepts such as personalization and ‘the customer journey,’ but what could be more personal or vital to an individual than knowing their health will be safeguarded with the support of the right people, information, and resources throughout the journey of their life.

Supporting the customer journey

Today’s omnichannel contact center has the capability to support the journey and help healthcare organizations meet the challenges of an increasingly competitive commercial environment.

The case for an omnichannel contact center is powerful. However, it appears that many organizations have not completed the transformation to a fully integrated, data-driven omnichannel contact center operation. While data, decision-making, and siloed control of key channels are contributing factors, it’s easy to see why some organizations find the idea of migrating to an omnichannel platform a daunting prospect—despite the significant advantages.

Omnichannel contact center solutions

With challenges such as legacy infrastructure, CRM integration, Unified Communications, and payment systems to consider, the task of moving towards omnichannel demands a hybrid set of skills, insights, partners, and technologies to be successful.

With over 30 years’ experience working with contact center executives, AT&T can help healthcare organizations transform the continuum of care with edge-to-edge technologies, the right partners, and the right strategic operating model to deliver an integrated, omnichannel patient experience while achieving operational objectives.