How do I improve my retail operations at scale?

by Justin Bennett, Lead Product Marketing Manager, AT&T Business

AT&T Connected Spaces is a full suite of services and integrated solutions that enable a streamlined approach for each retailer’s unique needs. By using a centralized, edge-based system, you can create Connected Spaces with a cellular network optimized for IoT connectivity and preconfigured device, software, and cloud level security at depth.

What can IoT do for you?

How can IoT transform your business and help mitigate the challenges inherent in running retail outlets at scale? With IoT, you can:

  • Increase staff efficiency and effectiveness by streamlining everyday tasks and providing the information needed to let your crew focus on what’s important
  • Elevate your customer experience by gaining the visibility and insights you need to offer exceptional and consistent customer service
  • Transform your operations and supply chain—this can reduce strain on your people, processes, and supply chain to improve revenue-generating uptime while unlocking cost savings for your business
  • Help you increase sustainability, driving long-term value for shareholders, customers, employees, and your community with IoT and smart technologies

An integral part of the Connected Spaces solution for restaurants is the AT&T Connected Kitchen with Microsoft Azure Sphere, which helps improve operational efficiency by bringing data and activity from your various IoT devices into a single-pane-of-glass view.  

AT&T is the market leader in IoT

In 2022, we became the first U.S. provider to hit 100 million IoT connections.

  • We have 107 million connected devices and added more than 5 million connected devices in 4Q22.
  • We have two times more IoT connections than our nearest U.S. competitor.
  • With the number of IoT devices expected to grow worldwide to 30 billion by 2030, our 5G technology can shape new possibilities across several industries.
  • 5G supports dramatically more connections to each cell sector—up to 500 times the connection density of 4G LTE.

Choose the market leader in IoT to make your existing equipment “smart,” and start meeting complex business demands without large capital expenses.

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