Sports and entertainment

RDH Partners is a specialized edge networking IT company for the film and TV industries and the U.S. government. RDH needed a network infrastructure to support a fan-controlled football league that required an extraordinary amount of bandwidth.


Interactive football league tackles connectivity, scores with fans

  • Challenges

    RDH Partners needed a network infrastructure with extreme bandwidth to support a variety of clients, including an interactive football league. The company needed to establish a one-gigabyte network in the span of 12 days to support players and staff. 

  • Results

    Improved connectivity means that football fans can now call plays and watch the action in real time over broadcast, gaming, and livestreaming platforms. RDH Partners will be able to use the new technology for other deployments, too.

  • Solution

    AT&T Dedicated Internet and AT&T Wireless Broadband produced the bandwidth RDH needed to create interactive sporting contests. RDH plans to implement additional edge computing projects for a large entertainment company with popular theme parks.

AT&T Solutions


Using edge networking deployments to help creators bring ideas to life

About RDH Partners

RDH Partners is an edge networking IT company for the film and television industries and the U.S. government. The company builds temporary network installations to support clients’ work into remote locations that lack the necessary infrastructure.

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