Connecting pharma research and development

Enable efficient processes — from discovery through clinical trials, to the patient experience — with near-real-time insights for R&D opportunities.


Help make your R&D process more efficient and productive with edge-to-edge technology


Use digital signage to bring data to life

Deliver video-based content — dashboards that present status and performance metrics, employee communications, video conferencing, and interactive training — throughout the workplace.

Help keep intellectual property more secure

Connect and operate in a highly secure environment with layers of protection for the network, voice & data, and applications.

Accelerate connecting and managing global operations with zero-touch provisioning

With virtualized network functions, security updates, and service upgrades, network administration becomes easier and faster for branch locations. 4G/LTE helps extend connectivity in remote regions. Software-defined routing with internet offload helps optimize bandwidth and application performance.


Collaborate internally and externally with research staff, clinicians and other stakeholders

Increase team agility and accelerate workflows via secure business class messaging and file sharing. Initiate video meetings and access applications from anywhere with mobile devices and solutions designed for the office, field and factory floor.

Never leave your private network when connecting to cloud-based research data and applications

Ensure highly protected access for employees, clinicians and research partners to crucial cloud resources. Spin up capacity as needed to ensure responsiveness and agility for accessing applications globally in facilities and via wireless devices.

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