Connecting pharma plant and distribution

Use IoT and mobile workflows to help manage product quality, inventory, and customer needs with near real-time streaming analytics that integrate with business applications.


Help improve product quality, manage inventory, and meet customer expectations with edge-to-edge technology


Improve field efficiency with mobile devices and business applications

AT&T can help employees track packages and pallets using mobile phones and tablets. IoT-powered devices send inventory information to highly secure cloud-based applications that employees can access from the shipping department, on the highway, or at the customer’s front door.

Monitor material and product conditions using IoT devices

Our web-based management portal helps companies stay on top of mission-critical information about their assets, such as temperature. Configure solutions that empower customers to manage their own systems, as well as providing IoT security consulting services to enable 24x7 monitoring.


Reduce plant costs and ensure product quality with predictive maintenance

Cut costs by using sensors that collect and visualize machine data. Dashboards present stream, trigger and location insights using information graphics that are easy to understand.  Track performance over time to see changes that could indicate a potential problem.

Help increase customer satisfaction by providing near real-time visibility into delivery status of purchases

Follow the product from distribution center, track inventories and fine-tune forecasting with real-time streaming analytics. Locate and communicate with workers in the field. Equip personnel with devices designed to withstand field and factory conditions.


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