AT&T Event Conferencing

Pay-as-you-go global audio, web conferencing, and webcasting solutions for complex, large-scale, shifting or high profile custom events with options for white glove service.

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Service and support tailored to your event

Focus on your event while offloading the conference details

  • Flexible

    Choose the features you want for each event.

  • Scalable

    Capacity from 2 to 40,000 participants.

  • Cost effective

    Utilize conferencing services only when you need them and only pay for what you use.

  • Easy to use and deploy

    Quick conference setup gets you communicating faster.

  • Connect with teams quickly

    Reach a few, hundreds or even thousands of people simultaneously 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Virtually seamless delivery

    Professional specialists help ensure your event runs smoothly, whether guided, do it yourself, or fully produced and moderated.

Deliver conferencing events with ease

Specialist guidance for an exceptional experience

Features Details
“White glove” event services  Professional specialists help provide exceptional events from pre-event through post-production with features such as moderator, Q&A, polling, conference screening, and more.
Event hosting and management AT&T-provided event conferencing technology and live resources help you drive the greatest impact.
Large attendee capacity Global IP audio/web/webcasting supports large events for up to 40,000 participants.
Globally available Domestic U.S. and international dial-in numbers available.
Security controls RSVP/PIN access code entry and optional participant screening.
Onsite support  Options for multimedia support, on-site/studio video production; content creation, editing, and hosting.


  • Web conferencing is ideal for meetings that require some level of two-way communication.
  • Webcasting is a live or on-demand audio or video presentation streamed in one direction over the internet. It is ideal for larger audiences.

Our conferencing specialists are on standby to support the smallest to the largest events. 

Customers can purchase AT&T Event Conferencing services under a cost per minute (CPM) model plus any high touch features desired. AT&T WebCasting can be purchased in participant tiers or via a license-based model for heavy users. 

  • Audio—4,000 participants
  • Web—3,000 participants
  • Audio and web combined—6,000 participants (3,000 audio + 3,000 web)—note: web can be extended to 10,000 participants with certain service options
  • WebCasting—40,000 participants

Audio and web conferencing and webcasting. Optional high touch features including moderator/producer, meeting recordings, replay and transcription services and a host of other features to support all your conference needs. 

Customers call an AT&T reservation center and/or utilize an online form to reserve each conferencing event. Services include pre-event planning, event moderation and management, post event debriefing, participant count reporting, and more. 


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