Bringing the power of voice to your contact center

AT&T Cloud Voice integrates with the leading cloud contact center provider platforms for a resilient, high quality voice connection for both inbound and outbound calling.

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AT&T Cloud Voice with Five9 benefits

Enhance the customer experience of your contact center

Flexibility and scalability

Flat-rate pricing; connections scale directly as agent seats scale

Enhanced customer experience

Advanced features such as call routing, IVR, and analytics help improve the customer experience

Support and expertise

AT&T Care provides coordinated support for the contact center platform and toll-free / Direct Inward Dialing (DID)

AT&T Cloud Voice with Five9 features

A resilient, high-quality voice connection for cloud contact center environments

  • End-to-end Technical Support

    Single point of contact, carrier-grade, 24/7 technical support

  • Cost savings

    Lower costs through hardware investment reduction and pay-as-you-go pricing

  • Scalability

    Cloud-based platform allows for easy scaling to accommodate changes in call volume

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  • Resiliency and failover

    Connections are redundant with built-in failover to alternate data centers, ensuring business continuity and preventing against costly downtime

  • Ease of integration

    Accelerate adoption through existing PBX and analog device integration

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  • Web-based portal management

    A portal to manage your environment 24/7 from any location

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AT&T Cloud Voice with Five9

Dedicated connectivity between AT&T and Five9 provides secure and reliable connectivity for contact center and Intelligent Virtual Agent (IVA) traffic. Read the AT&T and Five9 White Paper.

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How AT&T Cloud Voice with Five9 works for you

AT&T Cloud Voice with Five9

Quality voice connection for cloud contact center environments

  • Agent or employee connects into the leading cloud contact center provider platforms by secure AT&T Fiber or over the top internet 
  • Provides a secure network foundation for your contact center platform
  • Pre-built AVPN transports the AT&T SIP trunking and toll free enabling a faster contact center deployment 
  • Reliable voice services:  Carrier-grade voice to over 230 countries and territories, with local direct inward dialing (DID) capabilities in more than 25 countries and territories

Key use cases

Managing quality voice connectivity for remote agents

  • Ubiquitous inbound and outbound calling from virtually any location
  • Flexible working environment with improved QoS
  • Enhanced customer and employee satisfaction

Managing fluctuating seasonal demand with fixed contact center pricing

  • Flexible payment plans with ability to scale up and down with demand patterns. 
  • Ability to quickly pivot during peaks and troughs without paying for unused capacity
  • Flat-rate and/or usage pricing, including pay per agent seat models

Organizations with multiple vendors working in silos to support their call center operations

  • More efficient operations due to single point of accountability for your contact center platform, voice, connectivity, and network
  • Single vendor agreement for easier vendor management
  • Around-the-clock support: Carrier-grade, 24/7 proactive technical support

AT&T Cloud Voice with Five9 FAQs

Yes, AT&T Cloud Voice can integrate with existing on-premises contact centers as well as cloud-based platforms.

No, phone numbers can be migrated and for existing AT&T customers number porting isn’t required at all.

Yes, remote workers can enjoy the same functionality and reliability when working from home. The AT&T network and transport services help maintain the same quality of service as office-based contact centers.

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