How to make your contact center more valuable with AI

Learn how global enterprises from retail to manufacturing are tackling their contact-center communication challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic

by The AT&T Business Editorial Team

The COVID-19 pandemic and its restrictions on face-to-face contact have elevated the importance of contact centers, now the front door for many organizations. Businesses need to rely more heavily on them to communicate with their customers, employees, and partners.

Even before COVID-19, contact center managers were reporting a variety of pain points. They complained of low customer and employee satisfaction scores and customer retention, long wait times in phone queues, and a high percentage of non-digital interactions.

The following whitepaper outlines some of the ways that artificial intelligence (AI) technologies can help enterprises respond to these challenges.

AT&T teamed up with GlobalData, a global leader in market research and analysis, to talk to enterprises who are deploying AI technology in their contact centers. Respondents said that AI has delivered benefits in both expected and unexpected ways. They include:

AI-powered analytics that are being used to better understand customer behavior and internal business practices. Respondents provided the three most important reasons for implementing AI in the contact center (followed by level of importance):

  • Increase cross sell/upsell – 50%
  • Improve agent satisfaction – 43%
  • Analytics to identify trends – 42%

More satisfied agents. Those who are better able to help customers, perform fewer repetitive tasks, and deliver better service are less likely to leave. Respondents reported the following benefits:

  • Improved agent satisfaction and reduced turnover – 23%
  • Increased customer satisfaction KPIs – 16%
  • Increased sales and closure rates – 15%

Increased fraud prevention that helps businesses identify irregular behavior and transactions.

Beyond COVID-19, AI and machine learning can give enterprises the insight to better understand the vast volumes of data produced in contact centers. This data can provide the pathway to an improved customer experience, better efficiency, and an understanding of customers that can improve brand loyalty and increase sales. AI can also lead to happier and better-informed agents with the tools to deliver great service.

To read the results and learn how AI can help your organization, download the full white paper.