AT&T Collaborate™

Empower your team with voice and collaboration services

AT&T Collaborate™

The smart, reliable cloud-based hosted voice and unified communications solution for your business 

Multiple locations? Multiple devices? No problem! AT&T Collaborate™ unifies your communications. This flexible solution blends voice, video, instant messaging (IM), and conferencing—and makes them function like one. 

Choose the collaboration tools right for your employees in the domestic U.S. You—and your bottom line—will love it. Are you ready for the power of collaboration?

AT&T Collaborate™ includes more than 30 hosted voice features, including mobile client, call forwarding, three-way calling, auto attendant, music on hold, and more. 

Three separate add-on options are available that include all basic features. Options include:

  • Voice only – Includes additional hosted voice features for Outlook® integration, selective call acceptance, alternate numbers, instant group calls, and more.
  • Unified Communications – Easily access instant messaging, employee presence, desktop sharing, and conferencing features.
  • Contact Center – If you need basic agent and supervisor call center features as well as Web client services.

Interact and collaborate almost anytime from virtually any device or location. AT&T Collaborate™ fits into your current network infrastructure and adapts easily, helping you reduce costs and management overhead.


Communicate with flexibility

Enjoy a highly available, highly secure, and scalable hosted voice and collaboration solution built on top of the next-generation AT&T network and integrated cloud technology. Whether you're looking for basic voice features or a full communication suite with desktop sharing, video and audio conferencing, conference calls, text, and instant messaging, it’s all at your fingertips, and all in one place.

Be more productive

AT&T Collaborate™ helps you create a more flexible and productive work environment. Help people across your organization work more effectively using this highly secure, and reliable business communication platform. Extend your corporate network to include both business and personal devices, and scale your network to respond to your evolving business needs.

Integrate, simplify, save

The easy-to-use and integrated technology helps you maximize your investment, and the flexible, pay-per-seat model expands as your needs change. You can also trim travel costs and save time when workers can easily collaborate from virtually anywhere. And because AT&T Collaborate™ integrates easily with most current PBX system and network architectures, you can reduce setup cost and time as well.

Simple, self-service, adaptable

Maximize your network investments with integrated voice, Web, and video capabilities. Enjoy the easy migration pathway from individual voice services to advanced sharing capabilities. Help reduce the management complexity of your network, mobile devices, and applications.

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  • AT&T Collaborate Product Brief

    AT&T Collaborate is a hosted voice and collaboration service that allows you to use multiple devices and applications from a single phone number. It integrates your voice, video, web, and messaging tools.

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    Results from this Forrester survey confirm that the ability to communicate and collaborate while on the go is no longer a luxury for today’s information workers; it is a necessity. See the infographic.

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  • Simplify your communications to have what you need today with room for future growth - with AT&T Collaborate.
  • Taking Voice and Collaboration to the Cloud an on-demand webinar by Wainhouse Research and AT&T.
  • Forrester infographic: SMB employees need mobile connectivity.
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