Internet of Medical Things

Transform healthcare to connected care with AT&T IoT Solutions. Innovations in connected health help people live better lives, improve the operational side of healthcare, and are beginning to impact clinical applications and telehealth at a higher rate.

AT&T IoT Solutions for Healthcare

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AT&T IoMT Solutions

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Products Purpose Benefits
JACS Solutions Secured Tablet with AT&T Control Center A tablet solution for healthcare that gives medical professionals the tools they need—in a highly secure environment.
  • Commercial grade, single-purpose tablet that supports HIPAA compliance
  • Highly secure -  firmware is locked and secured upon delivery, and the storage security is configurable by application
  • With the support of the AT&T network, the device is monitored and updated as needed
  • Medical professionals can access corporate applications and patient records in a highly secure environment
  • Customizable solution


Innovative uses of IoMT

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