Enhance your customers’ call journey experience

Visual Network Analytics is a SaaS-based contact center solution designed to pinpoint and remove friction points such as calling loops, excessive transfers, and abnormal disconnects

AT&T Visual Network Analytics

Business insights into the health of your call journeys and contact center environment

  • Help reduce costs and effort

    Troubleshoot common customer friction issues

  • Unify service management

    See your callers’ voice journey on a single pane of glass

  • Visualize voice services

    Quickly identify call friction points in a Business Context

  • Scale easily 

    Support up to one million calls per day, with extensive analytics available through simple to use web interface

  • Help reduce capital investment 

    Delivered as-a-service with little training required

  • Predictive reporting 

    Helps you anticipate business cycles and staffing needs in advance

Pinpoint causes of caller friction

Get an end-to-end perspective of the customer contact experience

Features Details
Highly secure data platform End-to-end data transport encryption 
Call path visualization Provides visual view into end-to-end call path across platforms to help provide deep insights into customer call journey
Platform integration “Stitches” together AT&T call detail records with customer data sources from premises and 3rd party infrastructures
Enterprise platform solution Integrates voice, contact center, and enterprise management platforms



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