Vehicle Location Tracking

Know where your vehicles are in near real-time

AT&T IoT asset management solutions for vehicle location tracking

Gain visibility into the blind spots in your vehicle location operations

AT&T Asset Management – Operations Center (AMOC)

Providing the ability to track the location and movement of your vehicles across multiple lots in a vast number of locations, AMOC allows you to establish geofencing to determine if your vehicles are where they're supposed to be or outside of pre-determined boundaries. Simply attach an asset tracker to your vehicles to manage and track your connect assets via AMOC.  

Vehicle location tracking scenarios

  • Lease/Rental

    Help ensure customer satisfaction by having vehicle inventory readily available

  • Retail

    Know if your vehicles have arrived and are at the correct lot to help keep operating costs down from time spent tracking down missing vehicles

  • Auction/Impound

    Help keep your profitability up by mitigating lost or stolen vehicles

Sampling of available devices

Available Devices BeWhere B1-MIoT R4-INT Battery CalAmp TTU-730 Micron Bolt Mini - LTE M (w/repl. batt.)
LTE Type
4G/3G M
Rechargeable Battery     Repl.
Solar Powered
Enclosure IP66 IP66 IP67
Powered Asset      
Battery Size 4600mAh 57 Ah 5400mAh
Lifetime Messages ~3,500 ~2,500 ~2,200

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