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AT&T SD-WAN solutions can improve your network's agility and provide centralized control and improve total cost of ownership.

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What is SD-WAN?

New technologies emerge everyday. Each transformation more complex than the last.

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What is SD-WAN and how does it work?

  • What is SD-WAN?

    Software Defined Wide Area Network, also known as “SD-WAN” is a software defined networking (SDN) approach that elevates network traffic management away from hardware and premises, to next generation software in the cloud for enhanced agility, control and visibility.

  • How does it work?

    SD-WAN uses a centralized control function incorporating user defined application and routing policies, to provide highly secure, dynamic, application-aware network traffic management.


    This level of control allows for optimal delivery paths across any combination of network transport type, providing flexible deployment options and improved total cost of ownership. 

AT&T is your Trusted Advisor

Uncover the right network connectivity type for your SD-WAN solution. From wireless to wireline, overlay to underlay, emerging technologies to existing solutions, we specialize in bringing it all together. 


Explore potential benefits for your business

  • Agility and Flexibility

    Quickly adapt to your changing business needs with flexible hybrid WAN designs to fit your needs, site-by-site.

  • Dynamic Routing

    Application-aware intelligent routing recognizes traffic that can be sent directly over Internet links for optimal delivery of your business applications.

  • Transport Agnostic

    Virtual Seamless integration with your existing network configuration, providing connectivity over any transport type (e.g., MPLS, Internet broadband, LTE).

  • Application Performance

    Optimizes your application’s performance over hybrid or Internet links with direct, highly secure access to enterprise and cloud applications.

  • Centralized Management

    Visibility into your network and applications performance, giving you more control.

  • Zero-touch Provisioning

    Devices are provisioned and configured automatically, simplifying deployment by reducing the time and complexity of installation.

  • Network Security 

    Provides a level of security by encrypting and tunneling traffic to your data, with the ability to layer additional firewalls, and cloud security options to create an integrated solution. 

  • Control Costs 

    Gain better control over costs and capital expenditures, while integrating cost-effective, scalable connectivity options such as broadband and Internet into your network.

Managed SD-WAN

Enable network and digital transformation with SD-WAN


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Intelligent dynamic routing, optimized cloud connectivity, and visibility into applications and performance.

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AT&T SD-WAN collaborators

Options for virtually any business need

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AT&T SD-WAN with Cisco

Offers a fully integrated security stack with robust network performance analytics

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AT&T SD-WAN with Silver Peak

Offers a unified platform for firewall, routing, WAN, and application visibility and control

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AT&T SD-WAN with VMware

Offers Dynamic Multi-path Optimization™ application recognition to optimize data delivery

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AT&T SD-WAN with Palo Alto Networks

Offers deep application visibility for network policy creation and traffic engineering

AT&T Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

AT&T Business combines leading managed SD-WAN services, cybersecurity capabilities, and the power of 5G to deliver cutting edge SASE solutions.

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SASE technology providers

AT&T SASE with Cisco
Enabling converged networking and security services to be built and delivered from the cloud. Learn more.

AT&T SASE Branch with Fortinet
Built-in security at the WAN edge with industry-leading performance. Learn more.

AT&T SASE with Palo Alto Networks
Unified, access and protection for today’s modern business. Learn more.


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Building a simple, more agile network with SD-WAN

Providing a new, virtualized approach to networking.

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