AT&T SD-WAN with Aruba


What is AT&T SD-WAN with Aruba?

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AT&T SD-WAN with Aruba is an SD-WAN solution that provides intelligent and programmable rules-based WAN routing services, centralized orchestration and management, and integration through APIs. AT&T SD-WAN with Aruba improves the performance and availability of business applications by dynamically routing applications to virtually any site, adapting to near real-time network conditions.

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  • Lifecycle Orchestration and Automation

    End-to-end orchestration of your WAN edge functions such as routing, security services including service chaining to advanced third-party security services and WAN optimization

  • Consistent Quality of Experience 

    Ability to overcome packet loss, latency and jitter to deliver the highest levels of application performance and Quality of Experience to users, even when WAN transport services are impaired

  • Continuous Self-Learning  

    Continuous monitoring of your network with the ability to self-learn the state of your network to deliver optimal application performance, even when network changes, congestion or impairments occur

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  • End-to-end Segmentation 

    Policy changes are programmed once and then pushed out to 100s or even 1000s of sites across the network, increasing operational efficiency

  • Holistic Unification of WAN Edge Functions

    Virtually seamless service-chaining that simplifies and streamlines the integration of network functions

  • Network Visibility 

    Online Orchestrator portal provides near-real-time reporting is available on the performance and health of the network

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Learn how self-healing networks can achieve meaningful cost savings, improve traffic performance, optimize network infrastructure utilization.

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Why AT&T SD-WAN with Aruba?

Enterprises need the ability to build a unified WAN edge that is business-driven, delivering the highest quality of experience and adapting to changing business needs and network conditions.

AT&T SD-WAN with Aruba utilizes the EdgeConnect SD-WAN edge platform, offering application performance, security and routing that is dictated by top-down business policies, not bottoms-up technology constraints.

The EdgeConnect SD-WAN architectural model utilizes virtual WAN overlays based on business requirements (business intent overlays) for every class of application. Once overlays and their associated policies have been defined, the configurations are pushed to all sites across the network. At that point, traffic handling is fully automated to optimally route — or steer — applications based on pre-configured parameters. The platform continuously learns about network condition changes and adapts traffic handling to maintain compliance to application QoS and security requirements. 

Solution components

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The Edge:
Delivered as either a hardware appliance or virtual instance, that provides highly secure connectivity to private, public, and hybrid applications.

Easily define end-to-end zones to segment applications, WAN services or users to adhere to business defined business polices. 

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