AT&T IoT Video Intelligence

You can learn so much more about your business by using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. These technologies integrate with video camera footage to deliver near-real-time situational awareness and actionable alerts. Use new insights to help improve safety, operations, sales, and the customer experience to help your business grow.

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Innovate and identify new ways to improve business operations and sales

Position your business for more success

  • Make better use of your video surveillance camera investment to help improve safety and make faster, more informed decisions. 

    • AT&T Safety Analytics provides businesses and government agencies with solutions that improve awareness, incident management, and event workflow automation
    • Help reduce security risks with better situational awareness for faster response times to incidents
    • Improve asset protection and risk mitigation
    • Make your facilities and operations more efficient
    • Have control over configurable near-real-time alerts through mobile and desktop dashboard reporting
    • Video Management System (VMS) and camera agnostic to support disparate systems
    • Integrates third-party systems: cameras, records management systems, telematics, weather, and more for holistic viewing
  • Turn your existing video camera footage to into actionable intelligence to help optimize sales, operations, and improve customer experience. 

    • AT&T Operational Analytics applies computer vision to your new or existing video camera footage to generate actionable data and  configurable alerts
    • Capture new insights into customer behavior to help improve the customer experience and increase sales
    • Gain operational efficiencies and better manage your facilities for cost savings
    • Have control over configurable near-real-time alerts through mobile and desktop dashboard reporting
    • Video Management System (VMS) and video camera agnostic
  • Use the benefits of IoT to quickly and accurately scan employees and visitors for elevated body temperature using thermal video cameras before allowing entry.

    • Use as a frontline screening tool when people enter a space
    • Contactless thermal imaging cameras can replace manual human interaction

Why choose Video Intelligence from AT&T?

AT&T has more than ten years’ experience designing, installing, and supporting enterprise-grade video surveillance systems and deploys the most wireless based video solutions for cities than any other U.S. company.  AT&T provides essential performance tuning, applying sophisticated software and analytic modules on premise, cloud or hybrid installations to manage numerous video streams to enable alerts, automation, decision making, and operational improvements.

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Intelligent video analytics, and smart cameras

Help improve operations, sales, customer experience, and safety

AT&T Operational Analytics

Close operational gaps by using the power of IoT to collect the right information on operations and customer activity. Through actionable insights, you can improve efficiencies that may help you to increase sales and improve the customer experience.

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AT&T Safety Analytics

Improve safety by using your existing and new surveillance cameras to monitor property, assets, and more to collect actionable data and receive timely alerts. A near-real-time view can help improve incident response times and operations.

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Solution features

Use robust analytics to take automated action and gain actionable insights

Examples of analytics
People counting
Automatically count people passing a defined area to understand customer or visitor volumes and peak hours and days.
Activity visualizer and dwell time
Near-real-time analysis of onsite customer and employee activities by location and duration to help improve floor layouts and increase point of sale conversions.
Journey mapping and engagement
Understand the path customers, employees, and objects take moving around a location. Learn which products and objects are being engaged with and for how long. Map an entire lifecycle of an activity to help increase sales or improve efficiencies.
Customer demographics and repeat
Identify gender and age range of customers to better focus your products and marketing. Measure customer sentiment (happy, sad, neutral, angry). Measure number of unique and repeat customers.
Queue detection and management
Identify when customers are waiting in line and dynamically deploy staff to reduce wait times
Object detection
Count objects and identify anomalies - inventory missing from shelves, damaged, or at wrong location, to help prevent stock-outs. Also detect objects in restricted areas or near structural supports, as well as receive alerts for left-behind objects.
Business continuity monitoring Help improve operations and workplace safety through automated monitoring. Meet compliance requirements for building occupancy, estimated wait time for entry, use of personal protection equipment (PPE) masks and gloves, social distancing, and curbside pick-up management
Perimeter and intrusion detection Near-real-time alerts for the protection of critical or secured areas around buildings, fence lines, entry/exit gates, or anywhere unauthorized people or objects may be. 
Direction control Detect “wrong way” movement for restricted entrances and exits into prohibited areas and other dangerous behavior. 
License plate recognizer Record and recognize vehicle license plates from over 130+ countries. Ideal for tracking stolen vehicles, access validation control, and other suspicious activity.
Traffic management Count vehicles in highways, city streets, premises, parking lots, and garages. 
Privacy protector Privacy-protected video that pixelates human bodies or vehicles so they are not identifiable.
Thermal analytics
Temperature scanning for detecting elevated body temperature before allowing entry.


The Operational Analytics and Safety Analytics are modular and work with new or existing Internet enabled cameras as well as most major VMS systems in the market.

Alerts can be generated based on many types of activity occurring at a location. For example, you can choose to be alerted when a long line of customers are waiting, when stock is depleted, or when someone has entered a restricted area; all so you can take necessary actions.

Easily access your reports through a web portal where you can customize them for a single location or across multiple locations with several types of metrics. You can access the reports through your desktop, tablet, and mobile phone. You also have the ability to customize your alerts to be sent by email or text message in near-real-time.

A few example of Operational Analytics are that business and retailers could increase sales through associate interactions by knowing where customers spend time and where to position staff. Restaurants could optimize staffing for peak days/hours to improve operations and the customer experience. Shopping malls and commercial real estate can better understand shopper and visitor demographics, their journey through the building, and identify the most popular locations. And to help improve productivity, manufacturers and warehouses can gain a near-real-time analysis to better understand where specific activities are taking place and for how long.

There are many opportunities through Safety Analytics. Businesses, government agencies, campuses, stadiums, and venues can help reduce security risks through near-real-time alerts from the increased visibility they gain for faster and more effective incident response. Manufacturers can monitor employees to ensure they’re wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) and be alerted to respond quickly to slips and falls, as well as other incidents. Also, venues can automatically monitor parking occupancy and direct customers to open lots for faster traffic flow and improved customer experience.


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