Dandamudi’s Inc.: Powerful network solutions help design kitchens and build relationships

About Dandamudi’s, Inc.

Dandamudi’s, a luxury design firm, has outfitted dream kitchens for discriminating homeowners for more than a quarter of a century. The business expanded 15 years ago when it began working with developers; since then, Dandamudi’s has furnished more than 7,000 luxury residential units with kitchens, closets, bathrooms, sliding door systems, wardrobes, and furnishings.

The situation

As Dandamudi’s business grew, it became more difficult to supply the bandwidth its designers needed to share the large Computer-Aided Design (CAD) files and other work products with one another, and with clients and vendors. Worried about the reliability of the network, staff found themselves backing up files many times each day to protect their work. When Dandamudi’s purchased and began renovating a building that would become its new headquarters, the company sought help in creating a network with the connectivity and throughput that staff and visitors required.

A solution to grow with the company

When Dandamudi’s decided to move most of its operations into a freestanding structure, officials contacted AT&T for help in designing a better network. “We’re renovating a building that’s going to be a beautiful working showroom/office/meeting space,” said business manager Eleanor Leichenko.

“A small team of employees has already moved to the new building, but eventually most of us are going to be there,” she said. “There will be a lot of people filtering through and we can’t be as siloed in thought and space as we have been in the past. We really needed a solution that was going to grow with us.”

Ms. Leichenko said she and the rest of the staff lacked the time and experience to select and manage the company network. “We wanted to rely on someone else to be the experts and then to be there whenever we need help,” she said. Dandamudi’s already used some AT&T services, so Ms. Leichenko asked the sales team for recommendations. “We described our needs and they made it really easy. It was a no-brainer to go with an AT&T solution,” she said.

Speedy, powerful networking from day one

AT&T recommended Dedicated Internet Service, a complete business-class solution with high-speed access and 24-hour support, along with a Managed Wi-Fi Access Point. Dandamudi’s also chose AT&T Collaborate, a hosted service that lets employees use chat, voice, video and desktop sharing to work together more easily, and AT&T FlexWare, a platform that virtualizes functions to make network management easier and reduce costs.

AT&T FlexWare is a software-defined network platform that is one of the most advanced of its kind in the industry. The network powers a new model, edge computing, which moves data computation from individual devices into the cloud in a way that feels seamless. “Before this it just didn’t feel like the flow was in place; everyone was a little hesitant, and worried about saving files all day long,” she said. “There was an uneasiness, but now things have mellowed out for everyone.”

The network’s speed and reliability have freed designers to focus on their assignments. “There have been no interruptions,” she said. “I feel like our people are finally able to work at a speed that works for them, on a network that’s able to handle all their files.”

Thanks to abundant connectivity, staff can now work from anywhere in the building. “They’re more mobile, now that they’re not dependent on a jack to get them through the day,” she said. “Being able to move between floors and work from a different space is going to be huge for us. Having the wireless capability and our AT&T Collaborate system in place is going to allow us to have more creativity.”

She’s confident that in time Dandamudi’s will be able to do more with its new technology. “We want people walking in to be comfortable and able to connect to the internet and feel that they’re in a place that’s keeping up with the times,” she said. “Down the road we’ll put the products that we’ve chosen with AT&T to even better use. I think our clients are going to walk in and think, ‘Yes, this is what I’m looking for.’”


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