AMB Sports + Entertainment scores big with fans with an assist from AT&T Business

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Atlanta Falcons stadium full of fans with GOAL spelled out on teleprompter
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Other Flexing its connectivity muscles

A gym needed connectivity as strong and fit as its members. But its current provider couldn’t support the heavy lifting required of it.

Healthcare Enhancing the end-to-end surgical process

IPT needed IoT tags to track medical equipment. Tags that could withstand a 270° pressurized steam oven that sterilizes surgical equipment.

Transportation On call when boaters need help

The boat-towing company needed a solution to dispatch and track its boats, which can help out-of-gas vessels or speed to emergency rescue situations.

Other University creates lab to speed research

UConn Stamford collaborated with AT&T Business to create a lab with 5G+ and edge computing that’s designed to advance research and innovation.

Other Drones deliver time-and-money-saving data

A defense and government services company needed help in using drones and software to survey building and land and identify potential problems.

Healthcare Providing patients with telehealth

With an innovative cloud-based platform, Bluetooth-enabled devices, and user-friendly apps, healthcare providers can treat patients at home.

Other Immersive entertainment for fans

AMBSE’s partnership with AT&T Business has resulted in groundbreaking experiences to entertain fans and create exceptional value above and beyond the price of admission.

Healthcare There’s no place like home:

Kinex Medical Company harnessed AT&T connectivity to help patients rehabilitate in their own homes after surgery

Other Students help pioneer 5G research

Undergrads, grads, and faculty research and develop 5G-based solutions that could benefit health care, sports, higher education, and campus safety.