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Flexing some serious connectivity muscle

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Solving an IoT challenge

LHP Telematics chose AT&T Global SIM cards to connect custom telematics systems that serve equipment managers, dealers, and transit customers.

Transportation For IoT that spans the globe

A fleet telematics company needed a powerful IoT solution to so their customers could continue preventing vehicle theft and cap

Retail Exceptional efficiency

Schwan’s Home Delivery replaced its ruggedized devices with state-of-the-art smartphones with advanced features and better connectivity.

Smart choice for smart sensors

The IoT innovator SODAQ (Solar Powered Data Acquisition) needed dependable, global, end-to-end connectivity and control of their worldwide IoT sensors.

Easy remote access to improved healthcare

Smart Meter needed dependable connectivity for its remote patient monitoring solutions that would automatically send patient data to its cloud.

In search of a better medical alert device

Navigil’s wellness and medical alert wristwatch needed top-performing IoT connectivity to bring the device and service together.

ShotSpotter Enhances Gunshot Detection with AT&T Solutions

Lean why ShotSpotter chose AT&T SIMs and Control Center to deliver the reliable connectivity and global reach needed for their policing technology solution.

Other The ACE Group

The ACE Group had a wireless network to support its essential functions, but no backup connectivity in case their primary network went down.

Other Empowering client care with connectivity

Team Management wanted to increase its managers’ ability to respond to client questions, no matter where the managers are working.