AT&T Messaging Archiving

With AT&T Message Archiving, all SMS and MMS messages placed from or terminating to a provisioned AT&T corporate mobile phone are temporarily stored and sent to a storage location specified by the customer.



  • Helps with compliance

    Stores originating and terminating SMS, and MMS messages for provisioned users who are on the AT&T Mobility network. 

  • Find what you need

    Because your message data is stored in a central location, you can quickly find, sort, and retrieve messages. 

  • Easy

    Simple setup: network-based service, device agnostic with no need to install, or manage mobile applications

  • Nothing to install

    Subscribed devices automatically have their messages stored, with storage parameters set by the enterprise – it’s as simple as that. 

Pricing per mobile device

Company on-premise storage


Stored messages are pushed, in near real time, to a company provided URL via HTTPPOST and one-way SSL encryption. After a successful push, stored messages are deleted on the AT&T side. Push failures will retry for an additional 5 days.


AT&T currently offers AT&T Message Archiving On Premise Archiving

No, currently, AT&T only has our on-premise solution available

While, technically, MDM is not required, without MDM to control Over the Top, RCS, or encrypted message applications, a user could subvert the message capturing process. Therefore, MDM is highly suggested so ensure compliance and avoidance of message capturing.

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