AT&T Global Smart Messaging Suite

AT&T Global Smart Messaging Suite (GSMS) Advanced CPaaS enables companies to integrate their existing solutions with powerful messaging APIs and send messages domestically and to destinations around the world.



Scalable and reliable solutions for your business needs

  • Multi-channel capabilities

    GSMS improves engagement by enabling you to communicate with your audience in the channels they prefer.

  • Powerful suite of APIs

    GSMS enables you to integrate and automate communications into your exisitng technology stack to optimize workflows.

  • Advanced reporting and user controls

    Hierarchical account structure enables advanced user access control and separate cost center billing.

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  • Two-way messaging

    GSMS allows your audience to initiate communication and enables two-way conversations from any channel.


AT&T Global Smart Messaging Suite

Plans start at $25/mo

Enables organizations to integrate their existing solutions with powerful messaging APIs and send messages globally.

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Cross-carrier short codes

Lease domestic short codes from AT&T or bring your own.

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Features and highlights

Features Details
SMS Domestic SMS includes 50 U.S. states and Canada. International SMS is supported in over 200 countries; pricing varies by country
Short codes Lease domestic short codes from AT&T or bring your own
APIs Supports HTTP/S, SMTP, WSDL, NET, SMPP, JACA, WCTP, MMS, FTP/S, and contact/Group APIs
IP messaging The optional Global Smart Messaging App provides IP messaging and may be encrypted
Voice messaging Sends pre-recorded audio files, voice messages, and can also support text-to-speech for file creation

Sectors and use cases

Sector Use cases
Finance Fraud prevention, account security, customized mobile promotions, two-way mobile customer service, transaction confirmations, customer surveys
Healthcare Appointment management, 2FA for secure electronic health records login, telehealth launch, patient care communications, automated rapid shift fulfillment
Public sector Public health alerts, vaccine program appointment management, 2FA for remote work access, employee communications, payment and renewal reminders
Manufacturing Device notifications, critical incident management, technician service alerts, product alerts to customers, just-in-time fulfillment notifications
Logistics & transportation Shipment tracking, fleet management, interactive delivery reminders, road hazard and traffic alerts, real-time public transit schedule updates, driver status notifications


A short code is typically a 5 or 6-digit number that can send or receive text messages. In order to exchange communications via short code, the end users must consent to receive messages and must have the ability to opt-out.

No, GSMS is a cross-carrier solution that works on all Tier 1, Tier 2, and most Tier 3 Carrier networks.

Yes! AT&T offers a Free Trial account for customers interested in trialing the solution and service. 

Absolutely. AT&T offers 24/7/365 support for IT Admins of GSMS customers; however AT&T Help Desk does not support end users.


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