AT&T Global Smart Messaging Suite

AT&T Global Smart Messaging Suite (GSMS) enables companies to integrate their existing solutions with powerful messaging APIs and send messages to destinations around the world.



Scalable and reliable solutions for your business needs

  • Deliver messages

    Our enterprise gateway helps ensure your messages are delivered at the right time and place.

  • Simple

    Using this cloud-based solution, you can focus on campaigns while we handle the heavy-lifting of managing short codes and  international codes.

  • Plug and play

    Numerous APIs allow us to integrate messaging into your existing systems and workflows.

  • Highly secure

    Help adhere to compliance requirements with channel encryption, and add an extra layer of security to your internal BYOD communications. 


Setup charges

$3,300 one-time setup fee

Includes approval request and setup for U.S. cross-carrier codes and setup of the online account.

Access charges


Includes the first 10,000 messages, 24/7 AT&T support, and is inclusive of 1 API.

Features and highlights

Features Details
SMS Domestic SMS includes 50 U.S. states and Canada. International SMS is supported in over 200 countries; pricing varies by country.
Short codes Lease domestic short codes from AT&T or bring your own.
APIs Supports HTTP/S, SMTP, WSDL, NET, SMPP, JACA, WCTP, MMS, FTP/S, and contact/Group APIs.
IP messaging The optional Global Smart Messaging App provides IP messaging and may be encrypted.
Voice messaging Sends pre-recorded audio files, voice messages, and can also support text-to-speech for file creation.



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