Your complete tracking solution

All-in-one GPS fleet, asset, and worker management system


Reliable tracking solutions

Track and manage your fleet and assets

Fleet tracker

$14.99* per unit/mo.

Improve visibility into fleet ops for vehicle location and performance status.

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Asset tracker

$10.00** per unit/mo.

Provide location and status updates for connected mobile assets of all types.

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*Includes 2MB of connectivity. Excludes taxes and fees.  Terms and conditions may apply.  One-time $80 hardware fee required. 
**Includes hardware and 1MB of connectivity. Excludes taxes and fees. Terms and conditions may apply.  One-time $73 hardware fee required.

Fleet tracking benefits

Get more from your fleet

  • Cost reduction

    Minimize wasteful activities, optimize routes, monitor fuel usage, perform proactive maintenance to reduce downtime and maximize fleet operations.

  • Help improve safety

    Monitor driver behavior for compliance and vehicle performance to improve maintenance outcome.

  • Regulatory compliance

    Protect your cargo with temperature sensors to meet Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations and keep your fleet on the road with Electronic Logging Device compliance.


Fleet Tracker

Know where your fleet is virtually all the time, monitor driver behavior, gain insights into your vehicle, and much more.

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Asset Tracker

Gain visibility into near real-time operation status, locate your high-value assets, and monitor productivity levels.

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Things to consider

Feature plan, connectivity data plan, as well as hardware and accessories available for your vehicles and can be configured for your needs.

The AT1 has built-in sensors to track location (GPS), motion, shock, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, and light.

We connect more than 51 million IoT devices - connected cars, machines, shipping containers, medical equipment and other mobile-enabled devices.

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