Medical transport

First Call Ambulance is a certified, veteran-owned small business in Nashville, Tennessee. Though most of its employees work on the front lines of healthcare, the company wanted as many employees as possible to work from home during the pandemic. 


COVID-19 required new protocols to protect patients, paramedics, and dispatchers

  • Challenges

    The COVID-19 outbreak changed patient transport dramatically. First Call needed to maximize the number of their personnel who could work at home and maintain critical dispatch functions. 

  • Results

    First Call’s foresight in upgrading and streamlining its technology with AT&T Business solutions enabled the company to move swiftly when the coronavirus closed many businesses.

  • Solution

    AT&T Enhanced Push to Talk and Fleet Complete support highly reliable, clear communication between ambulance crews and dispatch. 

AT&T Solutions

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Protecting staff and patients during the COVID-19 outbreak

First Call Ambulance dispatch screen.

About First Call Ambulance

The company employs 350 people at its 8 stations and responds to more than 50,000 requests for medical transport services each year. 
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