Here comes the infrastructure funding. Is your equipment ready?

The Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act will generate millions in new business. Our IoT solutions can prepare your equipment for the road ahead.

by Gail Wong, Lead Product Management and Development

America is going on a much-needed building spree. Are you ready?

When Congress passed the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act in 2021, it authorized spending $1.2 trillion to rebuild America’s roads, bridges, airports, and rails. This bill will also expand access to clean drinking water, ensure access to high-speed internet, and advance environmental justice.

What does this mean for you? New business is coming your way, so let’s work together to ensure your equipment can rise to the challenge.

We’ll do the heavy lifting

You need to make sure that your equipment stays up and running. Equipment and Machinery Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions from AT&T delivers the visibility and control for this. From dozers, to forklifts, to cranes and more, we can help you monitor and manage any mixed fleet of equipment, all in a single view.

Round-the-clock equipment monitoring helps maximize operational uptime and ensure worker safety. We can also help you collect and survey vital equipment data, such as engine emissions, to demonstrate that your operations are environmentally sustainable.

Leaders in IoT

We’ve used our IoT expertise to connect tens of millions of devices, and we’re just getting started. In agriculture, farmers are receiving real-time maintenance diagnostics, so they can schedule service and  prolong the life of their equipment. In construction, we’re helping companies improve fleet use and management. In equipment manufacturing, long-term analysis of data and trends helps companies predict and prioritize which features are important to their customers so they can design and build next-generation machines. We’re also shaping the future of vehicle solutions, asset management, consumer goods, energy, fleet, healthcare, manufacturing, and smart cities.

With AT&T Business IoT solutions, you can be ready for the business the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act may bring your way.

Learn more about our IoT solutions for equipment machinery monitoring and download the infographic.