AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk

Versatile instant communication for your team on America’s best network*. Connect seamlessly to your Land Mobile Radios (LMR) systems and extend your network coverage nationwide.
*Based on GWS OneScore Sept. 2018

Introducing Enhanced Push-to-Talk advanced 

New features based on 3GPP Mission Critical Push-to-Talk standards. Enhanced situational awareness and emergency calling plus priority treatment for push-to-talk data on the 4G LTE network. Includes interoperability with legacy two-way radios using P25 ISSI, CSSI or Radio-over IP. Starting at $20 per month per user.



What our AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk services can do for you

  • Collaborate in near-real time

    Make group calls with up to 250 team members simultaneously with just the push of a button.

  • FirstNet Certified™

    AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk on FirstNet offers dedicated communications for first responders and the entities that support them.

  • Use the devices that work best for you

    Choose from a wide range of smartphones, rugged phones, and specialty devices.

  • Centrally managed solution

    Manage devices in the field or conduct AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk calls directly from a computer.

  • Integrated, highly secure messaging 

    Send texts, images, videos, PDF files, and more with contacts and talkgroups.

  • Track and share locations

    Share users’ location data, and set pins on the map for better team management.

Plans and Pricing

Solutions designed to fit your needs

Standard Smartphone or feature phone plans

Starting at

$5 per month; $10 per month with prioritized data¹

Enables lightning fast 1:1 and large group calls, over-the-air administration, and optional Integrated Dispatch. Available on certified iOS, Android, rugged purpose-built devices and accessories.

Advanced² Smartphone plan

$20 with voice plan

In addition to standard features, this option also includes situational awareness for assigned users, emergency calling for users in distress, prioritized data and interoperability with two-way radios.³

¹Requires separate voice and data plan. Without voice plan, $30 monthly, or $35 with prioritized data.  
²Available to Corporate Responsible Users (CRU) and smartphones only.
³Available upon request at no additional monthly cost. Does not include set up fees. Additional hardware may be required.

Features and Highlights

AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk services that fit your business

Features Details
Integrated Dispatch  Locate users, send and receive individual or group calls, send highly secure messages, files, and more, all from a convenient web-browser solution.
Land Mobile Radio interoperability Interoperates with LMR systems, enabling seamless coverage across the AT&T network-and extends an LMR network nationwide.
Open Standards Support A variety of open IP-based standards provide options for implementing LTE interoperability between an LMR system and the AT&T network. 
Standard and Advanced Calling Features  Intergroup Calling (Group to Group), Instant Personal Alerts (LMR dispatch to AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk device), and Talkgroup Scanning (to both AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk and LMR talkgroups).


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