DataFlow is a managed, cloud-hosted IoT service that extends the intelligent network, enabling enterprise companies to create new business value through the management, integration, and consumption of connected device data.

Trial offer

Connect, collect, transform, and orchestrate your data

Unify, organize, and transform your data to help generate value

  • Technology freedom

    Multi-device and multi-cloud compatible operation. Integrate with your existing IT and OT and scale to your needs.

  • Patterns and insights

    Accept data from a broad range of devices or services. Organize and transform your data to easily find and retrieve patterns and insights.

  • Momentum

    Jumpstart on creating application enablement via pre-defined solution templates, device templates, and integration connectors to external systems and applications.

  • Data orchestration

    Store your IoT data with DataFlow or use DataFlow to deliver data to your chosen location.

  • Data unification

    Organize and transform your data to easily find and retrieve patterns and insights.

  • Development enablement

    Utilize our infrastructure, templates, and utilities so you can focus on developing and building your business.

Develop and scale quickly

Rapid application development and prototyping


Cloud-based solution development that allows for remote connections, visualization, and the management of your devices and data.


Key features

Features Details
Onboard devices Use pre-built device templates or translate custom protocols to support bi-directional communications with a broad range of IoT devices
Visualize and track Data organization, dashboards, rules and applications enablement
Integrate with enterprise system Pre-built connectors for popular and custom back-end SaaS, OSS/BSS, and cloud systems
Deploy to production Directly deploy to production from GUI to choice of available geographically redundant hosted clouds (AWS, Azure)
Develop custom solutions Create custom business logic to react to sensor data, transform and augment near real-time data sets, and generate value from insights

AT&T DataFlow trial package

90 days trial access to full set of DataFlow features and capability

  • Integrated Development Environment

    Graphic development editor for your IoT solution.

  • Integration Flow Designer

    Drag and drop editor to create integrations with 3rd party services and IT backend.

  • Access to DataFlow APIs and documentation

    Access and support for client libraries, REST APIs, Protocol Adapters and Device Adapters and Project templates.

  • Full support

    DataFlow Quick Start Guide and 9 x 5 Support, Monday-Friday US business hours.

  • Frictionless Enterprise offer

    Online registration and no contract or billing.



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