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Moving to Cloud means facing a diverse and unique set of challenges. Without expertise and skilled resources, the journey can be full of risk, higher costs, and unforeseen delays. AT&T consulting can help reduce the complexities, so you can move to the Cloud with confidence.



Learn more about how your business can benefit from AT&T Cloud consulting

  • Cost savings

    Streamline potential savings.

  • Mitigate risks

    identify vulnerable areas in the architecture.

  • Customer support for all phases of the Cloud journey

    Our team of seasoned consultants average more than 17 years of industry experience, including unique skill sets focused on challenges specific to Cloud transformation.

  • Customized Cloud strategy for your business

    Consultants work with your organization to better align solutions and architecture with the goals of your business.

  • Expertise 

    Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) with experience in Cloud migration/optimization, with experience serving the Global 500 in highly complex and strategic Cloud transformations.

Features and highlights

Explore how AT&T Cloud consulting can help your business

Features Highlights
Discovery Our consultants perform a detailed Cloud readiness discovery of your current architecture and the solutions being used across compute, storage, network, security and operations environments. We’ll also capture the business vision and key drivers, which are essential for aligning your Cloud transformation strategy.
Architecture and design The consulting team performs extensive research to identify the best solutions to include in the architecture and design.
Public and private Cloud migration Our consultants will develop the overall migration design and help execute the planned transition of workloads, while making sure your business keeps running smoothly. AT&T consulting for Cloud transformation is experienced in supporting the deployment of private, public and hybrid IT models.
Private Cloud transformation Our consultants will work with your own in-house experts to design, strategize, and deploy cutting edge, highly scalable solutions customized for your exact needs. Whether you’re in the public or private sector, domestic or multinational, we can help you transform your IT infrastructure, leveraging the power and agility found in the Cloud.
Multi-Cloud Connectivity A highly secure connectivity architecture enabling users to connect to widely distributed applications hosted across data centers, colocations, Cloud service providers, and the Internet.



A Cloud consulting engagement begins by identifying the risks, challenges and issues related to your current technologies and services. Afterwards, a detailed Cloud readiness discovery of your current architecture and the solutions being used across compute, storage, network, security, and operations environments is evaluated.  After the evaluation, a detailed plan is presented that identifies key areas for optimization and any identified risks.

Public and private Cloud migration is the actual migration of applications, workloads, infrastructure etc. from data center to data center, data center to colocation and colocation to data center to public Cloud.

Private Cloud transformation is the optimization of legacy technologies or transformation to next generation technologies such as software defined solutions.  Focus is on virtualization, agility via orchestration, and automation within the data center/colocation and integration with public Cloud.

AT&T consulting is available for customers worldwide.


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