The value of staging and kitting

by Asmara Hadi

For a guy like me with a 5′ 7” frame, finding jeans that fit well is almost impossible. When recently shopping for jeans, one salesperson offered, “We provide personal fit alteration for a small fee and it can be ready in 45 minutes”.  I was impressed with the opportunity for one-stop shopping — I could buy new jeans and have them tailored without adding another errand to my to-do list.

When was the last time your enterprise deployed a large mobile device implementation project? Identifying a “control” process that works is not always the easiest thing to do. And you might learn your enterprise has a different set of control processes for mobile devices compared to PC deployment.

Deploying 100, 500 or 1000+ devices requires a special experience and expertise. If it’s not performed by an experienced team, significant time can be lost and costs increased. One of the best ways to measure success is user experience. A flawless experience and high adoption rate results from a well-defined process and quick project turnaround.

Choose a partner for device deployment

A few days ago, I spoke with one of AT&T Mobility Solutions Services executives and learned the value of mobile device staging and kitting. He mentioned five critical factors to look for when choosing a partner for successful end-to-end device deployment:

1. Carrier-agnostic: must be able to handle devices from multiple carriers.
2. Offers project management to scale device rollouts.
3. Provides call center support on multiple device types across multiple user groups
4. Arranges asset tracking and handles warranty issues
5. Establishes ongoing support, user training, and technical support

Here’s how it works: instead of being sent directly to your offices, newly procured devices can be delivered to our warehouse or configuration facilities. Here, we stage and kit your new devices to include the required documentation, software programs, and accessories so they are out-of-the-box ready when shipped to end users or employees.

During this process, we pull all the pre-specified items needed for a designated end user. These items are safely boxed together with any required assembly instruction manuals. AT&T then customizes box and/or device labels to include scheduled deployment data, end user name, and location so that you know exactly where the box needs to go upon arrival.

As soon as the box is shipped, our records are updated within your inventory management system so you can easily track the next stage of technology update.

So, if you’re like me and you find an off-the-shelf solution isn’t quite the right fit, look to a solutions provider who can help streamline mobile device deployment with staging and kitting. AT&T Mobility Solutions Service team has the experience and knowledge to provide great results in a rapid deployment of your new technology — giving you quicker access to your ROI, accelerating the savings on your project budget, and delivering a positive user experience.

To learn more about device deployment services, join our on demand webinar on Optimal Strategy & Outsourcing Enterprise Mobile Device Deployment