Artificial Intelligence

Vocalytics turns sound data into value for its clients. The machine learning platform utilizes sound and voice technology to passively understand physical environments and provide actionable insights.


Vocalytics turns noise into value using AT&T IoT connectivity

  • Challenges

    Vocalytics developed a device that uses AI to understand sound, helping facilities improve patient experience, but they needed a low-friction way to centralize the data for their clients.

  • Results

    Connectivity proved to be exactly what Vocalytics needed. The sound data was quantifiable in real-time, providing actionable insights that helped them improve their HCAHPS patient experience scores and generate new net revenue from hospital rankings.

  • Solution

    Vocalytics equipped routers with AT&T Global SIM cards to deliver the reliable and secure connectivity that Vocalytics’ innovative solution required. 

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Turning sound into insightful and actionable data

About Vocalytics

Vocalytics turns voice and sounds into value in harsh physical world environments, helping clients extract immense value from sound data within their facilities. While the platform can be used in various sectors such as the military and commercial industries, its primary focus is healthcare. Vocalytics aims to support the nation's health and is at the forefront of this life-saving revolution.

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