Virtual healthcare solutions

VitalTech’s technologies, platforms, and hardware empower patients to better care for their health. They also give clinicians and health systems the power to remotely monitor, manage, and care for patients.

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Technologies for patients to better care for their health and safety

  • Business needs

    VitalTech’s virtual care solution uses an innovative cloud-based platform and Bluetooth-enabled devices to treat patients at home. The company needed plentiful, highly reliable bandwidth to send data to healthcare providers.

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  • Business value

    Tablets connect with devices like blood pressure cuffs, weight scales, and pulse oximeters to measure vital signs. The company’s VitalCare platform compiles and contextualizes that data along with information from the patients’ electronic health records.

  • Networking solution 

    Patients use the tablet computers integrated with the AT&T Global SIM and managed with the AT&T Control Center to communicate with their healthcare providers and to answer surveys that help the providers make decisions about their care.

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Enabling virtual healthcare and aging in place

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About VitalTech

Telemedicine use has soared. In 2019, only 43% of health centers were capable of providing it. By November 2020, fully 95% of providers reported delivering virtual healthcare services. VitalTech’s digital healthcare platform is helping make this possible.


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