Waste management technology

Enevo created sensors that can alert companies when their waste containers need to be emptied. However, it needed a way to reliably transport the data from diverse locations to the cloud, where customers can access, collect, and analyze it.


Improving waste collection operations and diverting recyclables from landfills

  • Challenges

    Enevo enables organizations to better control their waste-related operations and improve recycling rates. The company, however, needed a provider that could deliver the connectivity to transport data from customer locations to the cloud.

  • Results

    Strong, steady connectivity delivers an automated, dynamic routing engine and in-cab driver tools to generate continuously optimized service routes. Clients can forecast future capacity needs based on fill level data, trends, and seasonal variations.

  • Solution

    Enevo can deploy and control connected devices easily and quickly using a single AT&T Global SIM that automatically and remotely connects to the network. AT&T Control Center allows staff to easily implement and operate the sensors.

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Sustainability and data-driven scheduling

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About Enevo

Enevo uses the power of data to optimize waste collection. The company helps organizations, from small independent recyclers with just a few trucks to multi-national Fortune 500s with thousands of properties or fleets to manage..
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