Emerson Grind2Energy

Innovate IoT solution helps Emerson Grind2Energy™ turn food scraps into fuel.


Diverting tons of waste from landfills

  • Challenges

    A way to help customers derive more value from their waste recycling efforts

  • Results

    Increased operational efficiency, minimized environmental impact

  • Solution

    Remote monitoring of customer systems optimizes uptime, delivers usage and sustainability data in near real-time

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A recipe for renewable energy

Woman in a grocery store in the produce aisle picking up produce.

About Grind2Energy

Grind2Energy™, Emerson’s food waste recycling initiative, helps large food waste generators such as supermarkets, hotels, hospitals and arenas minimize their environmental impact and boost their operational efficiency. The system uses industrial-strength InSinkErator® food waste grinders to quickly process food scraps into a liquid slurry that is pumped into on-site holding tanks. The slurry is then transported to anaerobic digesters, which convert it to biofuels and fertilizer. 
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