Public-private partnership

The Dallas Innovation Alliance looked to build a smart cities framework to help solve the problems that matter most to the community. It needed a networking provider with the IoT expertise to launch its ambitious initiatives.


Investing in the future of Dallas

  • Challenges

    The public-private partnership needed help in building and maintaining the infrastructure to support its smart solutions. 

  • Results

    IoT solutions from AT&T support small business revenues, help reduce crime rates, conserve resources, and improve the vitality and appearance of green spaces.

  • Solution

    IoT Consulting designs and implements solutions. Smart Cities enhances transit, lighting, parking, security, the environment, and infrastructure. And smart irrigation supports water conservation, savings, and remote monitoring. 

AT&T Solutions

Collaborate effectively with network solutions from AT&T


A public-private partnership supporting Dallas’s smart cities strategy

Dallas Historic West End concrete arch.

About Dallas Innovation Alliance 

The mission of the Dallas Innovation Alliance is to develop and test a scalable smart cities model that leverages the city’s distinctive strength and leaves a legacy of innovation, sustainability, and collaboration for future generations.

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