Safety technology

BusPatrol set out to protect students, correct drivers’ behavior, and eliminate illegal passing of school buses. They needed a highly secure and reliable way to transmit the video feed from its school bus cameras to cloud-based servers.


Taking advantage of technology to protect students

  • Challenges

    BusPatrol knew technology could make a dramatic difference in student safety, but the final piece of the puzzle was connectivity. They needed a highly secure, highly reliable way to transmit video data to its servers.

  • Results

    BusPatrol documents a 25-30% reduction of stop-arm events during the year after a district first deploys its technology, which carries over into the second year as well. 

  • Solution

    AT&T Internet of Things (IoT) coupled with the mobile broadband network provides secure  connections between school buses throughout North America and BusPatrol’s servers, enabling the company’s breakthrough safety technology.

AT&T solutions

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Safety-technology innovations help protect students

School bus driver standing in front of yellow school bus.

About BusPatrol

BusPatrol is a safety technology company that reduces school bus stop-arm violations at no cost to taxpayers, schools, municipalities, or bus companies. It works to protect children by collaborating with police to help enforce the law. 
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